3 Key Points:

  • Iowa Rampage to debut in the Arena Football League on April 27.
  • Team features former NFL players and possible NFL draft talent.
  • Charity event supports First Responders Foundation with over $8,500 raised.

Rapid City Awaits Iowa Rampage’s Arena Debut

As Council Bluffs gears up for the arrival of professional indoor football, the Iowa Rampage stands poised to make a striking entrance into the Arena Football League. Trevor Burdett, the team’s co-owner, is confident in the high-level composition of the team, which includes seasoned professionals with NFL experience. The Rampage’s commitment goes beyond the field, emphasizing community involvement and entertainment.

NFL Experience on the Rampage Roster

The excitement surrounding the Rampage is justifiable, with the team boasting players who have graced the NFL turf. “We have several players that have signed with us that played in the NFL,” mentioned Burdett. The presence of NFL-drafted calibers signifies a promising season ahead for the Rampage, underlining the team’s competitive spirit.

Community Engagement and Support

The team’s visibility took shape prior to their regular season debut with a charity event in Council Bluffs that saw first responders going head to head in a flag football showdown. This initiative highlighted the Rampage’s dedication to its community, raising significant funds for the First Responders Foundation. The foundation’s crucial programs support those who serve and their families in coping with the stresses of their vital roles.

First Responders Foundation Benefits

Leah O’Brien of the First Responders Foundation highlighted the organization’s role in addressing the mental and physical health needs of first responders and veterans. Thanks to fundraisers like the football match hosted by the Rampage, the foundation can continue to deliver invaluable workshops and training, a boon especially for smaller departments with limited resources.

Building Traditions with Purpose

A sense of tradition with a cause is already setting roots as Burdett envisions making the charity football event an annual occurrence. With the last event garnering over $8,500, the Rampage is tackling both on the field and off it, setting a commendable standard for sports franchises in the service of their communities.

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