3 Key Points

  • Merged Leagues: The UFL is a combination of the XFL and USFL, currently focusing on cost-saving strategies.
  • Past Hiring Practices: Previously, the XFL and USFL had distinct hiring channels via Indeed and Fox Careers, respectively.
  • Future Prospects: While current hiring is on hold, potential internship opportunities may arise as the league gears up for the 2024 season.

Understanding the UFL Job Market

The United Football League (UFL) represents a merger of spring leagues from the XFL and USFL. Understanding the job market within the UFL is crucial for those seeking career opportunities in this arena. Currently, the UFL, being a relatively new entity, is operating in a cost-saving mode. This strategic approach influences its hiring practices, and as a result, there are limited job openings available.

Past Trends in XFL and USFL Hiring

In the past, the XFL offered a direct link to job openings through its official website, redirecting to Indeed.com. However, this link is no longer active, and there are no current job listings for the XFL on Indeed. Similarly, the USFL managed its hiring through the Fox Careers website. Fox employed staff for USFL roles during the season, reallocating them to other tasks in the off-season. This pattern indicates a preference for utilizing existing resources rather than creating new positions.

Current Job Scenario in the UFL

As of now, the UFL is not actively hiring. Over the past two months, there have been more layoffs than new hires in both the XFL and USFL leagues. This trend is a reflection of the league’s current emphasis on financial prudence. While the situation might seem challenging for job seekers, it’s essential to stay informed about any future changes in the league’s hiring practices. If the league succeeds in 2024, expect there to be some hiring for the 2025 season.

UPDATE – JAN 2024: The UFL now has a Career link on their official website. It leads to a workforcenow.adp.com page. As of this writing there are no jobs posted.

Potential Opportunities Ahead

Despite the current hiring freeze, there is a possibility of internship opportunities emerging as the league prepares for the 2024 season. These positions could offer valuable experience and a foot in the door for those aspiring to build a career in sports management and operations. Keep this article bookmarked for updates on any new openings in the UFL.

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