The UFL has made strides in enhancing player compensation and benefits from the 2023 to the 2024 season. We have previously reported on the formation of the UFLPA for the 2024 United Football League season. This is a detailed breakdown of the salary structure, health provisions, and additional financial incentives for players. We also compare 2023 to 2024.

Who is the Highest Paid UFL Player

In the competitive arena of the United Football League (UFL), quarterbacks reign as the highest earners. Drawing parallels to the XFL, where quarterback salaries range from $200,000 to $400,000 for a single season, it’s anticipated that UFL quarterbacks will command similar figures in 2024. This substantial compensation reflects the pivotal role quarterbacks play in the team’s offensive strategy and their draw as marquee players for the league’s fan base and marketing efforts.

Active and Inactive Salary Breakdown

For the 2024 UFLPA Union Season #2, players on active rosters will earn $5,500 per week. Meanwhile, those not on the active roster but still under contract, known as inactive players, will receive a weekly salary of $2,500. This remuneration structure ensures that all players, regardless of their playing status, receive a competitive wage during the season.

Training Camp Compensation

During the preseason training camp, players are compensated at a rate of $850 per week. This period is crucial for athletes to prepare for the upcoming season, and the USFL acknowledges this by providing them with financial support even before the official games begin.

Housing and Other Stipends

In addition to their salaries, players benefit from a housing stipend of $1,600 per month, breaking down to $400 weekly. This stipend is a significant part of a player’s compensation package, as it assists them with living expenses throughout the season.

Roster Size and Potential Earnings

The 2024 season sees an increase in camp roster sizes to 75 players. With larger rosters, more athletes have the opportunity to compete at a professional level and earn salaries accordingly.


Roster and Practice Provisions

The 2024 USFLPA Union Season #2 maintains a minimum active roster of 42 players. All team members will receive travel accommodations to and from practices, ensuring they can focus on their training without the burden of additional travel costs.

Support During and After Camp

While the league does not provide a specific injured reserve salary during camp, players released during this time are eligible for a $500 travel reimbursement. This is a significant support measure for athletes who might need to make immediate travel arrangements following their release.

Additional Financial Incentives

Besides their regular pay, players can earn extra through various bonuses. These include accolades such as ‘Player of the Week’ with a $1,000 bonus, recognition on the ‘All USFL Team’ yielding $2,500, ‘Player of the Year’ award coming with a $5,000 bonus, and the coveted ‘MVP’ title which includes a $7,500 reward.

Player Appearances and Engagements

The USFL also recognizes the value of player participation in events outside the game. Players can receive between $150 to $250 for appearances, which not only enhances their earnings but also promotes the league and connects players with the fan base.


Meal and Severance Fund

In the 2024 USFLPA Union Season #2, players will receive a per diem of $55 for travel meals, a modest but important sum that contributes to their daily sustenance during travel engagements. Additionally, a severance fund has been established, with a fund amount of $250,000, providing a safety net for players who may need financial assistance upon their exit from the league.

Fine Structure and Athletic Support

The 2024 season introduces a reduced fine for players, with the first fine set at $50, significantly lower than in previous years. This alleviation can be seen as an effort to be fairer to players in terms of financial penalties. Moreover, each team will have one head athletic trainer and two assistant athletic trainers, indicating a robust support system for player health and fitness.

Athletic Training and Player Health

A substantial enhancement in the 2024 USFL season is the support for player health and safety through increased athletic training staff. Each team is staffed with one head athletic trainer and two assistant athletic trainers. This increase indicates a strong commitment to the health and well-being of the players, ensuring they have access to the necessary medical and rehabilitative care. Adequate athletic training support is essential for maintaining player fitness and for the effective management of injuries throughout the grueling football season.

Injured Player Support

Players placed on injured reserve will receive a stipend, acknowledging the financial impact of being unable to play due to injury. This stipend is a key aspect of the league’s player welfare program, ensuring that injured players are supported while they recover.


Training Camp and Injured Reserve Policies

The 2024 USFLPA Union Season #2 introduces a new pay scale for players on the camp injured reserve, allocating $2,500 for those not able to participate due to injury. Additionally, players ending the season on injured reserve are offered a camp invite for the following season, providing a pathway back to active play.

Grievance and Arbitration Rights

A significant policy in place for the 2024 season is the establishment of grievance and arbitration procedures. Players are granted the right to file grievances and seek arbitration, a process that underscores fair treatment and due process within the league.

Medical Opinions and Concussion Protocols

The season also respects the player’s right to seek a second opinion from a neutral physician for resolving medical disputes. This ensures that players have access to impartial medical advice for their health-related concerns. Moreover, the league maintains strict concussion protocols, with baseline testing required to clear the concussion protocol, emphasizing player safety and care.

Offseason Playing Rights

In 2024, the USFL allows players to participate in non-competitive leagues during the offseason. This flexibility supports players’ desires to stay active and engaged with the sport, even outside the regular season.


USFL 2023 vs. 2024: Key Changes in Player Compensation and Benefits

Salary Adjustments


  • Active Salary: $5,350/week
  • Inactive Salary: $2,500/week
  • Camp Salary: $700/week


  • Active Salary: Increased to $5,500/week
  • Inactive Salary: Remains at $2,500/week
  • Camp Salary: Increased to $850/week

Roster and Pay Scale Modifications


  • Camp Roster: 58 players
  • Camp Injured Reserve: $700 Camp Pay Scale


  • Camp Roster: Expanded to 75 players
  • Camp Injured Reserve: $2,500 Inactive Pay Scale

Housing and Stipends


  • Housing Stipend: $1,600/month


  • Housing Stipend: Remains at $1,600/month
  • Injured Reserve Housing Stipend: Introduced for IR players

Bonus Incentives


  • Player Accolade Bonus: Not provided


  • Player Accolade Bonus: Introduced with various tiers, including MVP and Player of the Year awards

Health and Safety Provisions


  • Athletic Trainers: 1 Head and 1 Assistant per team
  • Player’s Right to Second Opinion: Players choose their physician


  • Athletic Trainers: Increased to 1 Head and 2 Assistants per team
  • Player’s Right to Second Opinion: Neutral physician available to resolve disputes

Offseason Flexibility


  • Offseason Play: Restricted to NFL only


  • Offseason Play: Expanded to include non-competitive leagues

The transition from the 2023 to the 2024 season sees enhancements in player salaries, an expanded roster, introduction of housing stipends for injured players, the debut of a bonus system for player accolades, and greater support for player health and offseason activities. These changes reflect the USFL’s increasing focus on player compensation, welfare, and career development opportunities.

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  • Posted February 1, 2024 4:34 pm 0Likes
    by Ken Granito

    Excellent information. It seems the bargaining arrangement seems pretty good. Maybe there should be an additional player making $100,000, but overall it seems a step up. Another thing that would show faith in the league would be something for league veterans. lf a player had been in the USFL, XFL or been on the roster including NFL practice squads for 8 games last year players would receive an extra 1,000 annually. If they were in 2022 they would receive an additional $1,000. This would mean that a player making $55,000 for a 10 game season would actually make $57,000. Not that much of a difference, but it does take into consideration loyalty or a way to differentiate an increase for veterans. This is clearly a start, but something not so great the league would make it harder for veterans to make the team, but it gives veterans an opportunity to make a wee bit more than rookies.

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