3 Key Points

  • European League of Football continues to grow with Sea Devils playing at larger venues in 2024.
  • Partnership with Hannover 96 brings football action to Heinz von Heiden Arena twice next season.
  • Record attendance showcases rising popularity of ELF, hinting at more expansion to come.

European Football Ascending to New Heights

The European League of Football, steadfast in its promise to elevate the spectating experience, is on an expansion spree. The 2024 season will behold the Sea Devils breaking new grounds by hosting a couple of their home fixtures at the illustrious 49,000-seater Heinz von Heiden Arena in Hanover. This comes off the back of a strategic collaboration with the venerable soccer institution Hannover 96.

Exceeding spectatorship goals has become a hallmark of the European League of Football. “Our mission was crystal clear from the onset — to awe a burgeoning audience with this beloved sport’s thrill,” asserts Zeljko Karajica, the league’s Managing Director. “The milestones we’ve marked merely signify the start of an illustrious chapter in the annals of European football.”

Historic Attendance Marks Rise in ELF Popularity

Last season, the Sea Devils not only impressed with their gameplay but also managed to muster a record-breaking 32,500 crowd when they faced the eventual champions, Rhein Fire. Anticipation is mounting as they are set to return to the Hamburg Volksparkstadion in July 2024 for another high-stakes encounter. Additionally, the team is scheduled to grace the pitch of the wohninvest Weserstadion in Bremen, signaling the ELF’s resolve to bring the game to bigger arenas and broader audiences.

Hannover 96’s Warm Embrace of ELF

The Sea Devils’ venture into Hannover is met with immense enthusiasm by the local football community. “It thrills us to no end to host the Sea Devils at the Heinz von Heiden Arena not once, but twice next year,” proclaims Markus Kalusche, Commercial Director at Hannover 96. “The region’s avid football fans eagerly await the chance to revel in the festivities. Given our stadium’s history of hosting grand-scale concerts and celebrated events, we’re poised for moments of electric atmosphere and collective passion.”

With each season, the European League of Football fortifies its foundation, and the fervor around the Sea Devils’ upcoming season is palpable. As the league charges ahead, it’s clear that the tenets of expansion and excitement aren’t just promotional buzzwords; they’re the ELF’s prevailing anthem.

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