European League of Football Growth

  • ELF partners with LizenzWerft for exclusive licensing until 2026.
  • LizenzWerft to enhance brand recognition and license merchandise.
  • Excitement builds with 17 teams for the fourth season starting May 2024.

ELF and LizenzWerft Strike Major Deal

In a strategic move to elevate the European League of Football (ELF), the leaders of the pan-European gridiron competition have secured a pivotal agreement. LizenzWerft, a powerhouse in licensing based in Hamburg, is now on board, carrying the exclusive mantle to push ELF brand visibility and merchandising initiatives through to 2026.

Setting the Pace for ELF Branding

Zeljko Karajica, the visionary Managing Director at the helm of ELF, expressed the significance of this alliance. “The inception of ELF was a mere three years ago, and our progression has been groundbreaking. However, our vision extends further. Partners like LizenzWerft are invaluable in our pursuit to embed the ELF brand in the marketplace and to introduce a versatile range of licensed products to our fans,” Karajica reveals.

Joining Forces with Licensing Veterans

An elated Christopher Conzen, alongside his business ally Peter Bichler, leads LizenzWerft. Their thirty years of cultivating brand experiences stand as a testament to their prowess. Conzen states, “Joining forces with the monumental and recently launched ELF is a source of immense pride for us. We are not mere collaborators; we perceive ourselves as integral members of the ELF family, poised to propel the league to greater heights through our proven competencies in branding and licensing.”

Anticipation for the Fourth Season

Come May 2024, the ELF is slated to roll out its fourth season with fanfare. It boasts a lineup of 17 teams drawn from across nine European nations, promising a smorgasbord of thrilling football action leading to a climactic Championship Game on September 22nd in the VELTINS-Arena, home turf of FC Schalke 04 in Gelsenkirchen.

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