<strong>3 Key Points</strong>

  • Isaiah Weed takes the helm as Cologne Centurions’ quarterback.
  • Boasting a track record from Northwestern Oklahoma State University and multiple European teams.
  • Gregg Brandon, the Cologne Centurions head coach, enlists an experienced leader for the offense.

Cologne Centurions Acquire Experienced Quarterback

In a significant move, the Cologne Centurions of the European Football League have added depth to their roster by signing quarterback Isaiah Weed, a seasoned player with a diverse professional background in Europe. Following stints with the Rostock Griffin and SWARCO Raiders, Weed is poised to advance his career in what is considered Europe’s foremost league.

Isaiah Weed’s Collegiate and European Journey

Weed, an alumnus of Northwestern Oklahoma State University, made waves in college football with an impressive 2599 passing yards and 23 touchdowns, notwithstanding 14 interceptions. More than just an adept passer, he showed versatility by contributing an additional 10 touchdowns with his legs. Beyond college, Weed’s career expanded across Europe, with notable team memberships including the Aarhus Tigers and the Kragujevac Wild Boars.

Impact on the Centurions’ Offense

The appointment of Isaiah Weed is not merely a new signing; it represents the Centurions’ commitment to a robust and dynamic offense under the guidance of head coach Gregg Brandon. With his wealth of experience both stateside and internationally, Weed is expected to bring a new dimension to the Centurions’ strategic play on the gridiron.

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