3 Key Points:

  • Berend Grube, known for his robust defense, transitions from the Hamburg Sea Devils to the Raiders.
  • Grube, a former All-Star, added significant value to the Sea Devils’ line, now takes his talent to Austria.
  • The seasoned defensive player ranked No. 9 on the Top 100 list after an impressive 2023 season.

From Lübeck to AST Austrian Raiders

In a move refreshing the roster dynamics, the AST Austrian Raiders are set to welcome the German powerhouse Berend Grube into their defensive family. Earlier on, Grube carved his athletic foundation with the Lübeck Cougars, broadening his horizons with a stint at Peters Township High School in the United States. His versatility was not limited to international grounds, for he showed prowess at Thiel College, excelling as both a kicker and tight end.

Upon returning to Germany, his trajectory took a shift to the defense, a position that, despite an ACL setback, ultimately showcased his potential as one of the GFL 2’s finest. While a global pandemic halted his transition to the Elmshorn Fighting Pirates, fate had a different plan as the Sea Devils called him to arms.

Rise of a Star Defending the Sea Devil’s Turf

The year 2021 marked a pivotal chapter in Grube’s career, joining the Sea Devils and quickly cementing himself as a linchpin in their stalwart defensive wall. His exceptional skills were recognized with an All-Star accolade and would later sparkle in the first ELF Championship Game. Over the next three seasons, Grube’s stats spoke volumes, with 103 tackles, 25 for losses, 16 quarterback sacks, and a quartet of forced fumbles, etching his name in the annals of the league’s top defenders.

In a career that continues to defy the odds, the seasoned athlete leaped to the No. 9 spot on the prestigious Top 100 list, an honor reflecting his impact on the field throughout 2023. Now at 32, Grube opts for rejuvenation over retirement, embarking on a fresh journey with the Raiders. The question on the lips of many: will his grit and experience be the catalyst the Raiders need to steer back to success?

While his departure echoes the sentiments of loss for the Sea Devils, the Raiders open their arms to new horizons, hoping that Grube’s strategic play-making and defensive mastery will escalate their game to unprecedented heights. Only the forthcoming season will tell whether this chess move will evolve into a checkmate against their opponents.

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