3 Key Points

  • Carlton Aiken joins Helvetic Guards following stint with Barcelona Dragons.
  • Impressive college career statistics signal strong potential for the Guards.
  • Aiken’s versatility in passing and rushing adds depth to the team’s offense.

Guarding the Field: Carlton Aiken’s New Chapter

In a recent strategic move, the Helvetic Guards have secured former Barcelona Dragons signal-caller Carlton Aiken to lead their offense in the upcoming 2024 season. The announcement has sparked interest across the league, as teams shore up their rosters in preparation for the new year of competition.

Aiken, whose U.S. roots trace back to his collegiate gridiron battles, brings a wealth of potential to the Guards’ quarterback position. After taking the reins from an injured Connor Miller in Barcelona, Carlton Aiken demonstrated his proficiency in a dual-threat capacity, accumulating significant aerial yardage and showcasing his mobility on the ground during his short but impactful appearance.

From College Honors to Professional Aspirations

The Pace University product, Carlton Aiken, amassed impressive numbers over his three years of NCAA play. At the ripe age of 25, Aiken’s robust resume features noteworthy accolades such as NE10 conference MVP recognition and multiple All-Conference team selections. His tenure at Pace University was marked by a prolific offensive output, threading passes for over 5,000 yards, in addition to punching in 20 touchdowns with his own legs over 29 games.

Aiken’s Arrival: The Statistical Edge

The Helvetic Guards anticipate Carlton Aiken’s transition to their squad will inject precision and agility into their offensive scheme. With his track record of 354 passing yards, a couple of touchdown connections, and a rushing score in his limited professional stints, Aiken’s knack for dynamic plays could tilt the scoreboard in favor of the Guards.

As we inch closer to the 2024 kick-off, all eyes will be on Aiken’s performance and the Guards’ strategic fortification. The upcoming season presents a prime opportunity for Aiken to cement his status as a formidable quarterback in the league and to quarterback the Guards through a potentially transformative season.

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