3 Key Points:

  • Munich Ravens sign All-Star DT Evans Yeboah to a one-year contract.
  • With Hamburg, Yeboah achieved impressive stats including 15.5 sacks.
  • Yeboah reunites with coach Kendral Ellison, praising the Ravens organization.

Munich Ravens Enhance Defense with New Signing

In a significant move before the end of the year, the Munich Ravens have added a key player to their defensive lineup. The Ravens, under the leadership of head coach Kendral Ellison, are pleased to announce that Evans Yeboah, formerly of Hamburg, will be donning the Ravens’ colors for the upcoming season.

Yeboah’s Celebrated Track Record

At 30, Yeboah’s career has been marked by stellar performances, underscored by his stats from the past three seasons. He has notched up an impressive 15.5 sacks and 31.5 tackles for loss, a testament to his work ethic and skill on the defensive front.

Reunion in Munich

The bond between Yeboah and coach Ellison goes back to their shared history in Munich, setting the stage for a seamless integration into the Ravens’ scheme. This reunion holds promise for both parties as they look to enhance their defensive prowess in the upcoming games.

Organization and Leadership

According to Sean Shelton, the Director of Sports for the Ravens, Yeboah embodies the ideal attributes of a defensive lineman. “Evans Yeboah is the type of defensive lineman you would create in the famous computer game Madden,” Shelton stated. His physical presence, combined with his extensive experience and leadership skills, brings great value to the team.

Yeboah’s Enthusiastic Response

Expressing his excitement, Yeboah shared, “I am very happy to be part of the Munich Ravens.” He explains his transition from Hamburg to Munich as a straightforward decision, driven by the positive feedback about the Ravens organization. Yeboah is eager to join forces with his new teammates and contribute to the team’s success.

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