Week 2 of the 2024 season, the European League of Football featured several rivalry games and some dominant performances as teams tried to establish their identity early in Season 4. Looking at the ELF standings, there are five undefeated teams after Week 2, and the Western Conference seems loaded with teams competing for the top spot. What you would not see in the standings is that several ELF teams are building a healthy fanbase and have increasing attendance, which is essential for league sustainability.

As the 4th season of the European League of Football unfolds, the game dynamics are shifting with the addition of explosive wide receivers. Their presence has significantly boosted the offense of many ELF teams. This week, we witnessed the impact of this change with standout performances from Willie Patterson of the Madrid Bravos, who amassed an impressive 176 receiving yards, and Austin Mitchell of the Paris Musketeers, who left a mark with 152 yards and four touchdown receptions.

Let’s examine and analyze how each team fared in Week 2. The ELF Game Pass allows fans to view all ELF games each week.

Stuttgart Surge (2-0) 44, Wroclaw Panthers (1-1) 34

The Stuttgart Surge and quarterback Reilly Hennessey continue to be explosive on offense for another week, posting over 600 yards. Statistically, the Surge offense dominated the game against a Panthers defense that failed to get stops. Offensively, the Panthers and quarterback Steven Duncan played well enough to stand toe to toe with the Surge until the end of the 4th quarter when Stuttgart pulled ahead to secure their second win of the 2024 season.

Vienna Vikings 27, Tirol Panthers 6

The Vienna Vikings and the Tirol Panthers played a game dubbed the “Battle of Austria,” the matchup showed the power of consistency. The Vienna Vikings, quarterback Ben Holmes, and wide receiver Jordan Bouah made plays when they needed to put points on the scoreboard when they had the ball. Defensively, the Vikings’ defensive line dominated the line of scrimmage, making life difficult for Raiders quarterback D’Angelo Fulford. Tirol had some opportunities to move the ball against Vienna, but the Raiders failed to sustain enough drives to stay in the against Vienna.

Madrid Bravos (1-0) 42, Barcelona Dragons (1-1) 12

The Madrid Bravos played their first game in the history of the ELF against their closest geographical rival, Barcelona. Madrid’s offense dominated the game and was behind the playmaking combination of quarterback Chris Helbig and explosive receiver Willie Patterson. Patterson caught ten passes for 176 yards and a touchdown. The Dragons did score early in the game, but they needed to find more of a rhythm on offense to keep pace with the Bravos.

Munich Ravens (1-1) 47, Milano Seamen (0-2) 7

After Week 1, the matchup between the Munich Ravens and the Milano Seamen looked like an even matchup. Unfortunately for the Seamen, they were unable to consistently move the football on offense after quarterback Zach Bronkhorst scored the first touchdown of the game. Ravens quarterback Chad Jeffries ran and passed the ball well, and the Ravens scored 47 unanswered points.

Berlin Thunder (1-1) 48, Prague Lions (0-2) 17

The Berlin Thunder had an explosive day on offense when they faced the Prague Lions. Thunder quarterback Jakeb Sullivan connected with wide receiver Aaron Jackson several times. Jackson has 274 receiving yards and three touchdowns during the first two games of the 2024 season. The Prague Lions made several plays on defense, including an interception during a goal-line stand early in the game. Offensively, Prague receiver Radim Kalous produced several explosive plays, but turnovers on offense made it difficult to maintain a rhythm on offense.

Paris Musketeers (1-0) 41, Hamburg Sea Devils (1-1) 14

The Paris Musketeers are early candidates to be the most improved team in the ELF in 2024. Quarterback Zach Edwards and receiver Austin Mitchell put on a clinic on offense, with Edwards scoring six touchdowns and Mitchell catching four touchdown passes. Defensively, the Musketeer’s defensive line controlled the line of scrimmage, making the Sea Devils offense one-dimensional. Hamburg quarterback Javarion Smith and wide receiver Jarvis McClam put some points on the scoreboard, but more is needed to keep up with a dynamic Paris offense.

Cologne Centurions (1-1) 35, Fehervar Enthroners (0-2) 10

The Cologne Centurions and the Fehervar Enthroners both came into Week 2 looking for their first win of the 2024 season. Cologne’s quarterback Isaiah Weed and running back Gerald Ameln took advantage of the opportunity, leading an offensive explosion for the Centurions that produced over 340 yards of offense. Fehervar failed to establish themselves on offense or defense despite scoring a defensive touchdown against Cologne.

Rhein Fire (2-0) 31, Frankfurt Galaxy (0-1) 20

The Rhein Fire and the Frankfurt Galaxy renewed their rivalry to bring the second week of the 2024 ELF season to a close. The Fire looked like a three-headed monster behind quarterback Jadrian Clark, running back Glen Toonga, and wide receiver Kelvin McKnight. Despite the Fire’s explosive offense, the Galaxy competed well, using an innovative approach on offense to put points on the scoreboard with quarterback Luke Zahradka and wide receiver Markell Castle. The game was close deep into the 4th quarter until Zahradka threw an interception, allowing the Fire to score on a short field to secure the win.

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