Key Points:

  • Major Broadcasting Deal: Right Now TV to air all IFA games in 2025.
  • Global Reach: Games available over-the-air and on streaming platforms worldwide.
  • Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Content: Broadcasting of coaching clinics and team tryouts.

Right Now TV and IFA Partnership

In a press release issued today, Right Now TV announced its agreement with the International Football Alliance (IFA) to televise the league’s inaugural season in June 2025. This partnership allows the US-based network to broadcast all IFA games to a global audience.

Extensive Coverage and Accessibility

Right Now TV will make these games accessible over-the-air to its affiliates and through streaming partners online. This arrangement ensures that fans worldwide can enjoy the IFA games for free, significantly expanding the league’s reach.

IFA’s Global Football Vision

The IFA, set to launch in 2025, features ten teams from the US and Mexico, emphasizing international talent with a cap on American players. This new league aims to develop football infrastructure and promote the sport across Mexico and globally.

Exclusive Insights and Development

In addition to regular and postseason games, Right Now TV will also broadcast coaching clinics and team tryouts. This exclusive content offers fans a unique perspective on player development, coaching strategies, and the league’s growth, fostering a deeper connection between the IFA and its global audience.

About Right Now TV and IFA

Right Now TV is a premier network focusing on sports and entertainment, delivering diverse and quality content to viewers worldwide. The International Football Alliance is committed to showcasing top football talent, fostering innovation, inclusivity, and a passion for the sport across the US and Mexico.

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