3 Key Points

  • Stuttgart Surge re-signs defensive linemen Simon Butsch and Alexander Kreß for their expertise in the trenches.
  • Alexander Kreß aims to build on his developmental journey with the Surge’s evolving culture.
  • Kreß brings a winning pedigree from his time with the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, eyeing further success in Europe’s top leagues.

Surge Strengthens Squad with Return of Defensive Duo

The Stuttgart Surge is making significant strides in fortifying their defense, ensuring the return of Simon Butsch and Alexander Kreß, two pivotal figures in the team’s road to the finals in the previous season. Butsch, known for his strategic play in defensive packages, and Kreß, a key starting defensive tackle, provided a formidable presence on the line, a testament to their combined efforts evidenced by Kreß’s exceptional statistics including a sack and seven tackles for loss.

Alexander Kreß: Committed to Continued Growth

Marking the re-signing with the Surge, Kreß is fully invested in the team’s progressive culture and is intent on enhancing his game incrementally. His football apprenticeship, originally with the Albershausen Crusaders and then flourishing with the GFL’s Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, has been a journey of continuous improvement and success. Kreß’s aspiration to climb to the zenith of European football remains unfaltering, aiming to add more accolades to his already impressive three-time German Bowl champion status.

The Surge’s Defensive Strategy for Upcoming Challenges

With key players like Butsch and Kreß on board for another season, the Surge’s defensive line is poised for robust opposition against the run and a relentless pursuit of quarterbacks. Their collective experience and individual talents are crucial to the Surge’s tactical playbook. The team’s defensive coordinator, Johannes Brenner, is anticipated to utilize their skills to their fullest, crafting strategies that will potentially propel the Surge to new heights in Europe’s premier football leagues.

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