After 14 weeks of the 2024 IFL season, several teams are beginning to make their final push to secure a berth in the IFL playoffs. This week, the upstart Green Bay Blizzard have officially become the first IFL team in 2024 to qualify for the playoffs. The Blizzard are of the one a handful of surprising teams that have become contenders during the 2024 after several seasons of struggling to find consistent success.

In addition to the Blizzard, several other IFL teams are putting themselves in prime positions to win their way into the playoffs over the next several weeks. The Arizona Rattlers are a team that had a difficult start to the 2024 season, but after they made several adjustments to their roster, they have gotten themselves back on track to make a push to the playoffs. There are also a few new contenders that are making a solid effort to break through and make their first appearance in the IFL playoffs, including the San Antonio Gunslingers during their first season in the IFL and the San Diego Strike Force, which are trying to make their first appearance in the playoffs after missing the playoffs every year since joining the IFL in 2019.

Let’s examine the results of Week 14 of the IFL and see which teams are preparing to make a run to the playoffs.

Green Bay Blizzard (10-2) 63, Jacksonville Sharks (2-9) 35

The Green Bay Blizzard, with their dominant win, became the first IFL team to secure a playoff berth in 2024. Blizzard quarterback Max Meylor’s impressive performance, completing 15 out of 19 passes for 157 yards and four touchdowns and adding two more with his rushing touchdowns, was a critical factor in their victory. Green Bay running back EJ Burgess and wide receiver Demetrius Moore also made explosive plays, contributing significantly to the team’s offensive success. Sharks quarterback Fred Payton Jr. showed his mettle despite the loss, completing 11 out of 17 passes for 129 yards and three touchdowns.

San Antonio Gunslingers (6-5) 52, Massachusetts Pirates (6-6) 51

The San Antonio Gunslingers, with their never-give-up attitude, clinched a crucial victory on the road against the Massachusetts Pirates, positioning themselves for a playoff spot. San Antonio quarterback Sam Castronova’s stellar performance, throwing for 248 yards and five touchdowns, was instrumental in the Gunslingers’ shootout win. Despite the Pirates’ strong showing, with running back Jimmie Robinson running for 70 yards and four rushing touchdowns, they suffered a rare loss at home, a testament to the Gunslingers’ determination and resilience.

Iowa Barnstormers (4-7) 28, Quad City Steamwheelers (5-6) 27

The Iowa Barnstormers found a way at home to pick up a crucial win against the Quad City Steamwheelers and continue to stay in the race for the 4th and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Barnstormers quarterback Daniel Smith completed 11 out of 24 passes for 112 yards and three touchdowns to help Iowa upset the Steamwheelers. Quad City quarterback Judd Erickson did all that he could to try and help the Steamwheelers earn a road win, completing 15 out of 27 passes for 134 yards, a passing touchdown, and adding two more rushing touchdowns in a losing effort for Quad City.

Vegas Knight Hawks (8-3) 53, Duke City Gladiators (1-10) 39

The Vegas Knight Hawks, displaying their dominance, were able to continue their strong 2024 season by picking up a win on the road against the Duke City Gladiators. Knight Hawks quarterback Ja’Rome Johnson, with his precision, completed 9 out of 15 passes for 101 yards and a touchdown. Vegas was also led by the powerful performances of Taurean Taylor and Caleb Holley, who combined for three touchdowns. Despite his efforts, Duke City quarterback Hasan Rogers was unable to turn the tide, completing 6 out of 12 passes for 97 yards and two touchdowns as the Gladiators suffered their 10th loss of the 2024 season.

Tulsa Oilers (4-8) 55, Sioux Falls Storm (3-8) 41

In a battle of Eastern Conference teams desperately hanging onto playoff hopes in the Eastern Conference, the Oilers defended their home turf against the Sioux Falls Storm. The Oiler’s offense exploded behind the effort led by quarterback Andre Sales, who completed 25 out of 37 passes for 216 yards and scored seven touchdowns. The Storm and Lorenzo Brown Jr. came up short despite completing 20 out of 31 passes for 181 yards but only one touchdown. Sioux Falls also had outstanding performances from KeShawn Williams and Draysean Hudson, who added three touchdowns a piece in their loss to Tulsa.

Frisco Fighters (9-3) 35, Tucson Sugar Skulls (2-9) 18

The Frisco Fighters found themselves in a brutal fight on the road in Tucson, but behind a solid running game, Frisco found a way to win. Fighters quarterback TJ Edwards completed 11 out of 21 passes for 109 yards and three touchdowns, but he also added 83 rushing yards and a touchdown on the ground. Running back Martez Carter added a touchdown, and wide receiver Phazione McClurge added two touchdowns. Sugar Skulls quarterback Giovanni Sanders completed 10 out of 14 passes, which resulted in 69 yards and a touchdown in the Tucson loss.

Arizona Rattlers (8-4) 56, Northern Arizona Wranglers (7-4) 49

The Arizona Rattlers have officially recovered from a bad start to the 2024 season. Arizona defeated the Wranglers at home, which helped Arizona turn the corner and have an excellent chance to make the 2024 playoffs. Northern Arizona is also a playoff contender, and this game could be a preview of the first round of the playoffs. In a losing effort, Wranglers quarterback Joshua Jones completed 14 out of 20 passes for 165 yards and four touchdowns, and he also added a rushing touchdown. Rattler’s quarterback Dalton Sneed exploded with a seven-touchdown performance, three touchdowns from wide receiver Corey Reed Jr., and running back Shannon Brooks running the ball all over the Wrangler’s defense.

San Diego Strike Force (7-5) 43, Bay Area Panthers (9-2) 42

Another big upset in Week 14 helped the San Diego Strike Force maintain their status as a playoff contender. The Strike Force secured a massive win over the defending IFL National Champion Panthers as they attempt to earn their first playoff spot in their franchise’s history. Nate Davis led the Strike Force offense, completing 19 out of 28 passes for over 150 yards and four touchdowns. Panthers quarterback Daquan Neal also played well, completing 10 out of 18 passes for two touchdowns and adding four rushing touchdowns. Despite Neal’s effort, the Panthers came up short in San Diego, but the Bay Area still holds a one-game lead over Vegas for the top seed in the Western Conference.

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