3 Key Points

  • Ex-Texas Tech running back Tre King rejoins Tulsa Oilers for new IFL season.
  • King brings robust college stats, including time at Texas Tech and Hutchinson Community College.
  • Oilers to kick off their second season on the road against Frisco Fighters.

Tulsa Oilers Football Welcomes Back Tre King

Word on the street in the IFL is heating up as Tulsa Oilers Football proudly announces the return of Tre King, their dynamic running back. King, a player known for his agility and versatility, is once again donning the Oilers jersey after a brief stint in the inaugural season. His initial performance with the team was a glimpse of his potential, contributing both on the ground and through the air.

King’s Impressive Collegiate Career

Before entering the IFL, King left his mark at Texas Tech, ranking high as a rusher – especially during his junior year. Playing in every game, he showed exceptional skills and became a key player for the Red Raiders. His standout performance included a breakthrough game against the Oklahoma Sooners, despite an injury in his senior year that limited his appearances. Even with less playing time, he maintained an impressive average yardage per carry throughout his tenure at Texas Tech.

Coach Marvin Jones’ Take on King

“Tre did many great things at Texas Tech,” shared Coach Marvin Jones, acknowledging King’s diverse abilities. His prowess is not limited to rushing; he can also make significant contributions as a receiver. The coach’s words highlight King’s broad skill set, which includes running, catching, and the capability to fill in as a slot wide receiver. His versatility and positive mentality make him an invaluable asset to the team.

King’s Roots and Next Steps

King’s journey to the IFL started at Hutchinson Community College, where his two-season performance laid the groundwork for his future success. His stats with the Blue Dragons paved his way to the more competitive field of Texas Tech, providing a solid foundation for his running back career. With this background, King’s return to Tulsa is anticipated to bring depth and a heightened level of play as the Oilers aim for success in their forthcoming season.

Oilers’ Upcoming Season Outline

Fans are eagerly awaiting the kickoff of the Oilers’ second season, which starts with a clash against the Frisco Fighters in March. The team’s home opener is also generating buzz, where they will face the Iowa Barnstormers. These games are critical for setting the tone for the rest of Tulsa’s season, and with Tre King on the roster, the anticipation is palpable.

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