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De’Jahn Warren’s journey from being a standout at Lackawanna College to becoming a rising star in the Indoor Football League (IFL) is nothing short of remarkable. With accolades that include being ranked the No. 1 junior college prospect in the country by Rivals and earning Junior College All-American status, Warren’s football prowess is undeniable. In an exclusive interview with UFL News Hub, Warren delves into pivotal moments of his football career, from his decision to switch commitments from the University of Georgia to Jackson State University, to his experiences under the mentorship of legendary coach Deion Sanders. Join us as we explore Warren’s remarkable journey, his insights on transitioning from college to professional football, and his aspirations for the future with the Massachusetts Pirates.

Q: De’Jahn, reflecting on your time at Lackawanna College, can you walk us through your journey and how you ended up there?

De’Jahn Warren: Absolutely. My journey to Lackawanna was quite the ride. I attended Suitland High School initially but transferred to Avalon due to some academic challenges back home. Despite the difficulties, I remained focused on playing football, commuting long hours via Metro just for the opportunity. Eventually, I returned to Suitland High School, where my coaches made arrangements for me to play as long as I maintained my grades. Unfortunately, a change in leadership led to my ineligibility. However, my coaches helped me transition to Lackawanna College, where I worked hard, made plays, and eventually became the top player in Juco.

Q: What influenced your decision to switch your commitment from the University of Georgia to Jackson State University?

De’Jahn Warren: Georgia was my initial love, no doubt about it. But circumstances during Covid made things tricky, especially with no visits allowed. However, Jackson State had it all – from the coaching staff to the players, defensive scheme, and the chance to learn from the legendary Coach Prime, Deion Sanders himself. It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

Q: How was your experience playing under Coach Deion Sanders at Jackson State University, and how did it impact your development?

De’Jahn Warren: Coach Prime, man, there’s no one like him. He’s not just a coach but also a mentor and father figure. His emphasis on professionalism both on and off the field was invaluable. Witnessing his dedication despite personal challenges was truly motivating and taught me resilience.

Q: Tell us about your participation in events like the HBCU Legacy Bowl and Celebration Bowl and how they influenced your career trajectory.

De’Jahn Warren: Those events were game-changers for me. Running a 4.36 at the HBCU Combine opened doors, and interactions with NFL teams and scouts gave me exposure on a larger stage, impacting my career positively.

Q: Transitioning to the NFL, what was your draft preparation like, and what did you learn from your time with the Chicago Bears?

De’Jahn Warren: My draft prep was intense, man. I went through rigorous training and dieting, which transformed my physique. The experience with the Bears’ Rookie Mini Camp was invaluable. Despite not making the final roster, I gained confidence in my abilities and learned the importance of perseverance.

Q: How was your experience with the New Jersey Generals of the USFL following the NFL?

De’Jahn Warren: Joining the Generals was exciting, although brief. I embraced the opportunity to learn from experienced teammates and adapt to the professional environment, which differed from college ball. Unfortunately, the team didn’t continue, but it was a valuable experience nonetheless.

Q: What motivated your decision to join the Indoor Football League (IFL) with the Massachusetts Pirates after your experiences in the NFL and USFL?

De’Jahn Warren: After the USFL, I didn’t want to sit out a year without playing football. Joining the IFL presented a chance to continue playing professionally and further develop my skills, with the ultimate goal of progressing to higher leagues.

Q: How do you plan to leverage your skills and experiences to contribute to the Massachusetts Pirates?

De’Jahn Warren: I plan to go out there and dominate, man. I want to showcase my talent and contribute to the team’s success while continuing my journey in the IFL.

Q: Looking back on your football journey, what advice would you give to aspiring young athletes?

De’Jahn Warren: Follow your heart when it comes to college choices, prioritize academics, and stay true to yourself. In the professional realm, understand the grind and the importance of consistently making the right decisions both on and off the field to sustain a career in football.

Omar Saulters: De’Jahn, thank you for sharing your incredible journey and insights with us. We’re excited to see you continue to shine with the Massachusetts Pirates.

De’Jahn Warren: Thanks, Omar. It’s been a pleasure, man.

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