3 Key Points:

  • Hamburg Sea Devils secure US safety Caleb Mills, formerly of New Mexico State College.
  • Mills participated in the Carolina Panthers’ mini-camp in 2022 after a successful college career.
  • Mills and the Sea Devils are optimistic about his fit in the team and the potential impact on their defense.

International Player Acquisition

The Hamburg Sea Devils have enhanced their defensive lineup with the acquisition of American safety Caleb Mills. Mills, 26, showcased his defensive skills at New Mexico State College from 2018 to 2021, impressing with 84 tackles and a pair of interceptions during his final year. His performance secured him an invitation to the Carolina Panthers’ mini-camp in the subsequent year.

Roster Building Continues

With the addition of Mills, the Sea Devils introduce one of the four new US-imports expected to support the efforts of the team’s new coordinators. A coveted ‘A-player’ roster spot remains to be filled, signaling further strategic moves ahead for the team.

Gratitude and Expectations

Expressing his gratitude, Mills stated, “First off, I give thanks to God, for without none of this would be possible! It’s a blessing to be offered an opportunity to continue to play the amazing game of football.” He praised the Sea Devils for their past successes and voiced his eagerness to contribute to a winning season under what he views as a strong coaching staff and talented roster.

A Match for the Defense

Miguel Boock, the Director of Sports for the Sea Devils, shares his enthusiasm for Mills joining the team, describing him as a ‘playmaker.’ “He is not only an extremely physical player but also an outstanding athlete,” Boock stated, recognizing Mills’ ability to cover extensive field areas with his speed and instincts. The team is confident that Mills’ energetic play and athleticism will integrate perfectly into their defensive strategy.

Stay tuned for further updates as the Hamburg Sea Devils continue to strengthen their squad in anticipation of a competitive season ahead.

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