3 Key Points

  • New defensive and special teams coordinators join the Iowa Barnstormers.
  • Head Coach Dave Mogensen aims for a comeback season in 2024 after a challenging year.
  • The team emphasizes the importance of coaching unity and player-centric strategies.

Barnstormers Announce Coaching Lineup Ahead of New Season

As the fresh indoor football season approaches, the Iowa Barnstormers, under General Manager Juli Pettit’s guidance, have solidly locked their 2024 coaching staff into position. Head Coach Dave Mogensen, an established figure with diverse coaching experience, remains at the forefront for his third consecutive year, bringing with him an unwavering commitment to the Barnstormers’ success and community engagement in Des Moines.

Despite a setback in 2023 due to a wave of injuries to key players, Coach Mogensen is taking decisive steps to orchestrate a formidable rebound, introducing strategic changes in the coaching cadre designed to synergize team cohesion and performance.

A Renewed Focus on Success

“A football coaching staff is like a family,” shared Coach Mogensen, emphasizing the profound bond formed within the team dynamics. “Last year we had a disconnect with the family… Ultimately, we made the decision to make a move midseason to change some of the coaching staff up and then go looking for the right pieces after the season.”

His midseason evaluation resulted in two key additions: Defensive Coordinator Anson Yarborough and Special Teams Coordinator Carmelo Velazquez, who both formally joined in August. “Getting Anson was huge for us,” Mogensen stated, acknowledging Yarborough’s acclaimed rise as a coach in the arena circuit and Velazquez’s impressive expertise and philosophy for guiding younger talent.

Reinforcements on the Rise

The hiring of Yarborough and Velazquez is seen as a primary strategy to galvanize the Barnstormers into a competitive force again. “Those two guys have the same mindset as me, they bring accountability with a player-centric mentality and are looking to build their resume for potential head coaching opportunities,” said Mogensen.

Joining the trio is a robust support staff, including Payton Haynes as Offensive Assistant, Michael Kirby returning as Equipment Manager, Dave Auwerda as Offensive Data Analyst, and newcomer Logan Foster as Director of Player Personnel. “Our analysts are vital to our team and staff,” Mogensen added, valuing the behind-the-scenes efforts that contribute to the team’s strategic edge.

Moving Forward: Barnstormers’ Rededication to Winning

Reflecting on 2023’s adversity, Mogensen conveyed his optimism for the renewed staff, explaining that their collective purpose is to inspire the players and optimize their on-field success. With a host of coaching talent and support personnel, the Barnstormers are poised for an upswing.

Closely watching the reshuffled deck, the Barnstormer faithful could anticipate the rebuilding of a competitive roster, a result of the coaching staff’s commitment to collaborative success. “The biggest thing I’m looking forward to is seeing the whole coaching staff pulling in the same direction,” Mogensen projected, setting the stage for the Barnstormers’ pursuit of victory.

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