Three Key Points:

  • Former Auburn standout Marcus Bragg joins the Jacksonville Sharks.
  • Bragg boasts significant experience, with notable stats at Auburn and Western Kentucky.
  • The 260-pound linebacker adds depth to the Sharks’ defense going into the new season.

Sharks Bolster Defense with Recent Signing

In preparation for the intense competition ahead, the Jacksonville Sharks have strategically enhanced their defensive lineup by acquiring the expertise of Marcus Bragg, a former Auburn Tiger. Bragg brings an impressive collegiate track record to the Sharks’ roster. At 6 feet and 6 inches tall, this 260-pound linebacker is set to make waves in the upcoming season.

Marcus Bragg’s Collegiate Journey

Before his time at Auburn, Bragg cultivated his skills over three seasons at Western Kentucky, culminating in an active 2021 season with 38 tackles and 3.5 sacks across 14 games. His athletic journey also saw him getting his feet wet in the junior college circuit at institutions like Mississippi Delta Community College and Arizona Western, where he tallied up 35 tackles and two sacks. Transitioning to Auburn as a graduate transfer proved fruitful, with Bragg adding 16 tackles, three for a loss, and a sack to his record over 11 games.

Impact on the Sharks’ Defensive Strategy

The addition of Marcus Bragg couldn’t come at a better time for the Sharks, who are looking to tighten their defense. His notable size and skill set are expected to fill gaps and create opportunities for the team’s success on defense. As training progresses and the new signings integrate with the team, the Sharks aim to elevate their game and maintain a robust defense against their opponents. Bragg’s diverse experience – from junior college to the competitive fields of Western Kentucky and Auburn – positions him as a valuable player for the Sharks to utilize in their strategy for victory.

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