3 Key Points

  • Clayton Glasco returns to San Diego Strike Force for his third season in the IFL.
  • Glasco’s 2023 performance included 40 tackles, a sack, and an interception among other stats.
  • The Strike Force’s 2024 campaign kicks off on the road against the Duke Gladiators.

Strike Force Strengthens Squad With Glasco Deal

The San Diego Strike Force solidifies their defensive line-up by re-signing the dedicated and dynamic linebacker Clayton Glasco as they eye the upcoming 2024 Indoor Football League season. With Glasco back on the roster, the Strike Force are positioning themselves for a strategic advantage on defense.

Glasco’s Impact on the Field

Standing at 6 feet tall and weighing 225 pounds, the Indiana State alumnus is ready to extend his notable legacy with the Strike Force. In the previous season, his contributions covered an impressive range on the stat sheet, demonstrating his versatility and consistent performance. His 2023 run included a key interception and an instrumental role in hindering opposition’s dual-threat plays.

Career Highlights and Athletic Background

Glasco awakened his fierce competitive spirit at Pickerington Central High School, where he wasn’t just a football varsity player but also made a mark in track and bowling. Football continued to steer his path through Monroe College where he led his team in tackles, indicating the emergence of a defensive powerhouse. At Indiana State University, Glasco received accolades which echoed his collegiate prowess in the linebacker slot.

Strike Force’s Upcoming Season

Optimism surrounds the San Diego Strike Force as they look forward to their season opener. With a challenging road game against the Duke Gladiators around the corner, the team’s spirit is high. Returning to Pechanga Arena, they will face the San Antonio Gunslingers in what promises to be a thrilling home opener for the 2024 season. Glasco’s re-signing is a testament to the Strike Force’s commitment to build a robust, competitive team in their pursuit of IFL greatness.

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