3 Key Points

  • Aaron Dawson signs with the Sharks after a prolific season at Valparaiso.
  • Kicker Frankie Onate joins his hometown team following a perfect extra-point record in college.
  • Both athletes add depth to the Sharks roster ahead of the 2024 IFL season.

Sharks Welcome New Talent

In a recent move to strengthen their squad for the 2024 season, the IFL’s Sharks have signed two notable players. Joining the ranks are Aaron Dawson, an impressive running back from Valparaiso, and Frankie Onate, a proficient kicker from the University of Tennessee at Martin.

Aaron Dawson’s Impressive College Stint

Dawson’s collegiate career culminated in an outstanding performance at Valparaiso, rushing for over 1,200 yards during the 2022 season. Throughout his 12 games, the New York native showcased his relentlessness with 222 carries. In one memorable game against Morehead State, Dawson showcased his scoring ability with a 241 yards effort that included two trips to the end zone.

Frankie Onate’s Reliable Leg

A Jacksonville native, Onate brings not only his skills but his local roots to the Sharks. With a faultless track record from his two college seasons, Onate went a perfect 23 for 23 on extra points. His leg strength is highlighted by a career-long 45-yard field goal, which speaks volumes of his capability at important stages of the game.

Strategic Enhancements for Sharks

The additions of Dawson and Onate to the roster are strategic moves by the Sharks, as they prepare to embark on their 2024 campaign. This signing news will no doubt excite fans of the team, as they witness the bolstering of an already formidable team with these promising athletes.

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