Welcome to Episode 18 of the UFL Week In Review, where we dissect the intricacies and controversies of the Urban Football League’s fourth week. This episode kicks off with a probing look into the U.S. Army’s $11 million sponsorship deal which has sparked internal criticism. Dive deeper as we analyze the TV ratings from Week 4, revealing trends and viewer preferences in this season’s UFL games.

We then shift gears to our expert analysis with the Week 3 Power Rankings, focusing on a remarkable comeback by the Defenders, followed by an insightful breakdown of the Quarterback Rankings. Find out who’s heating up the field and who’s not as we approach the mid-season mark.

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Don’t miss our betting guide for Week 4, including odds, spreads, and key strategies for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) enthusiasts looking to make smart picks.

In our Notes Section, we provide rapid-fire updates on important player movements and injuries that could impact team dynamics and fantasy lineups. From Kevin Hogan’s addition to the Brahmas to the strategic roster shifts involving Ramiz Ahmed and Jahcour Pearson, we cover all the bases.

Wrap up the show by joining us as we answer viewer emails and calls, discussing everything UFL. Engage with us through podcast@uflnewshub.com or call 888-437-7692 ext 3. Remember to like, subscribe, and leave a review on YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify.

For detailed show notes, visit UFL Podcast Show notes, delve into discussions on Alt Football Reddit, and strategize your next fantasy moves at Fantasy Football. Join the conversation on the UFL Forum for more in-depth fan interaction.

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