Welcome to the UFL Week In Review, one of the longest running UFL podcasts in human history! In this episode, we delve into the key highlights of Week 7 and preview the exciting matchups for Week 8. Here’s what’s in store:

UFL TV Ratings and Attendance: We analyze the TV ratings from Week 7 on FOX and ESPN, and discuss how fan attendance is shaping up this season.

Playoff Picture: As we move past Week 7, the playoff race is heating up. We break down the current standings and potential matchups.

Power Rankings: The Stallions continue to dominate. We discuss why they are who we thought they were and more in our updated Week 7 power rankings.

Friday Night UFL Games in 2025: A new report suggests that Friday night UFL games are coming to FOX in 2025. We explore the implications and what fans can expect.

Week 8 DFS Preview: Get your fantasy lineups ready with our comprehensive Week 8 DFS preview, featuring key picks and strategies to help you win big.

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Notes Section:

  • UFL Playoffs: Stallions vs Panthers Set for June 8th on ABC
  • How Former Sea Dragons Quarterback Ben DiNucci Could Shake Up the UFL
  • A cool grill spatula with the Showboats logo etched out

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Stay tuned for an action-packed show that no UFL fan will want to miss!

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