The San Antonio Brahmas were one of four XFL teams that have the opportunity to continue to play football in 2024 in the new UFL. Today, the UFL released the schedules for all eight teams of the newly formed league that was created by merging two spring leagues, the XFL and USFL, into a single spring league. For the Brahmas, the challenge will be for new head coach Wade Phillips and his coaching staff to take the new players they acquired from the UFL merger process and build a team capable of contending for a league championship. The path that the Brahmas will need to take to a championship opportunity follows the road set by their 2024 schedule

Game 1: DC Defenders @ San Antonio Brahmas, Sunday, March 31st at noon on ESPN

The Brahmas open their 2024 season by facing the 2023 XFL runner-up Defenders at home. San Antonio will face the challenge of opening their season against one of the best defensive teams in the UFL. The Brahmas will need to find a way to put points on the board and lean on their strong defense. The DC Defenders have one of the top home-field advantages in the UFL, so picking up a decisive home victory is critical for San Antonio.

Game 2: San Antonio Brahmas @ Memphis Showboats, Saturday, April 6th at noon on ESPN

In week 2, the Brahmas will face their first opponent from the USFL side of the UFL. The Brahmas defense will have to face an improved Showboats offense, and the Brahmas offense will need to start developing an identity. Getting a road win early in the season would put the Brahmas in an excellent position to start fighting for a playoff spot.

Game 3: Saint Louis Battlehawks @ San Antonio Brahmas, Sunday, April 14th at 3 pm on ABC

Depending on the Battlehawk’s quarterback situation, Saint Louis could have the most explosive offense in the UFL. The Brahmas will need to step up on defense and give themselves a chance to win a key division victory. Similar to the DC Defenders, the Battlehawks have a significant home-field advantage, which means the Brahmas need to get this win on their home turf.

Game 4: Michigan Panthers @ San Antonio Brahmas, Saturday, April 20th at 7 pm on FOX

Similar to the Brahmas in the XFL, the Michigan Panthers struggled during the 2023 USFL season. This game will be critical for both teams if they want to have a chance to be a serious contender for a UFL playoff spot. Michigan will potentially bring a solid running game, but the Brahmas defense could be one of the best units in the league.

Game 5: San Antonio Brahmas @ Arlington Renegades, Saturday, April 27th at 7 pm on FOX

Week 5 will be Brahma’s first shot at knocking off the 2023 XFL champion Renegades. A road win against Arlington would give the Brahmas a big boost mid-way through the season. The Brahmas must be ready to play their best football to upset the Renegades on the road.

Game 6: San Antonio Brahmas @ DC Defenders, Sunday, May 5th at 4 pm on FOX

Traveling to DC to face the Defenders will be a big challenge for the Brahmas, regardless of their record after the first five games. The Brahmas will need to be sound on offense and allow their defense to give them a chance. Based on how Week 1 goes, this could be a massive game for both teams.

Game 7: San Antonio Brahmas @ Houston Roughnecks, Sunday, May 12th at 3 pm on ESPN

The Brahmas will have to go on the road for the third week in a row. This matchup will be the first edition of the Sombrero Bowl and could establish a natural rivalry between the Brahmas and Roughnecks. Much of the 2024 Brahmas roster are former Roughnecks, including Wade Phillips and much of his coaching staff, and this will be their chance to come back to Houston and pick up a key victory.

Game 8: Arlington Renegades @ San Antonio Brahmas, Sunday, May 19th at 4 pm on FOX

If the Brahmas cannot upset the Renegades in Arlington during Week 5, this will be a must-win game for the Brahmas in San Antonio. For the Brahmas to be a contender, they need to be able to beat good teams on their home field. This game will go a long way to deciding whether or not the Brahmas can qualify for the UFL playoffs in 2024.

Game 9: Birmingham Stallions @ San Antonio Brahmas, Saturday, May 25th at 3 pm on ABC

The Brahmas get the opportunity to host the most dominant spring football team in recent history. Birmingham comes to the UFL after winning back-to-back USFL championships. This game will be a great measuring stick for the Brahmas to see how they measure up to the best teams in the UFL.

Game 10: San Antonio Brahmas @ Saint Louis Battlehawks, Saturday, April 1st at 4 pm on FOX

During the final game of the regular season, the Brahmas will have to come to Saint Louis. The UFL will hold its first championship game in Saint Louis on June 16th. The implications of this game will depend on how well the Brahmas played leading up to this battle in Saint Louis.

Season Overview:

During the Brahmas 2023 XFL season, the Brahmas struggled to a 3-7 record. Offensively, San Antonio struggled in their inaugural season, but they have added several playmakers to a unit that offensive coordinator AJ Smith will lead. The Brahmas expect to have a strong defense, but they will need to be able to stay injury-free and create turnovers if they hope to compete for the championship during the 2024 UFL season.

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