Key Points:

  • St. Louis as UFL’s Benchmark: Becht highlights St. Louis’s role in setting league standards in fan engagement and team performance.
  • UFL Season & Team Strategy: Details on the upcoming season, including player retention and draft strategies, emphasize the league’s planning.
  • Revamped UFL Playoff and Rules: Insights into the new playoff structure and kickoff rule changes, showcasing the league’s adaptive approach.

In an interview on NewstalkSTL, Anthony Becht, the head coach of the UFL’s St. Louis Battlehawks, shares his insights on various topics that are shaping the league. The discussion includes the role of St. Louis as a model for the UFL, details about the upcoming season, the challenges of managing the coaching staff, changes in the league’s rules, and Becht’s vision for the UFL’s growth and success.

St. Louis as the UFL Model

Coach Anthony Becht highlights the unique position of St. Louis in the UFL, citing its strong fan base and impressive team performance. He emphasizes the importance of fan engagement and attendance, which St. Louis exemplifies, setting a standard for other markets to aspire to.

“I think you look at what St. Louis has done not only last year, but in the 2020 version, they really set the bar from an attendance standpoint, an embracing standpoint and quite frankly, a team standpoint.”

Concrete Items for the Upcoming UFL Season

Becht provides concrete details about the upcoming UFL season, including the schedule, team structure, and player retention strategies. He discusses the importance of maintaining the core team and the excitement of upcoming drafts.

“We were able to protect the bulk of our core players… We also have a draft coming up tomorrow. We’ll draft our league, our XFL. Four teams that got eliminated, that bucket of players will try to scoop up the best that’s available there.”

Coaching Staff and Team Changes

Addressing the changes in the coaching staff, Becht reveals the challenges posed by league mandates and his focus on retaining key coordinators while adapting to new requirements.

“There are some changes in some of our number of coaches… My two coordinators, Bruce Grikowski, the offensive coordinator, and Donny Abraham, my defensive coordinator, who are really the key elements as we trickle down into our staff, will be back for the season.”

UFL Playoff Structure: A New Competitive Edge

The UFL is introducing a revised playoff qualification system, as explained by Coach Becht. This new system is designed to ensure that the most deserving teams have a chance to compete for the championship, thereby intensifying the league’s competitive spirit.

“The division winners will make the playoffs. They’ll get in, and then the next two best teams, regardless of division, will be into the playoffs… So technically, under that platform and rule, we would have been in the playoffs last year. So that’s one good thing.”

UFL Rule Changes: Adapting for the Future

In the evolving landscape of the UFL, Anthony Becht shares insights into the significant rule changes that are set to shape the upcoming season. These adaptations reflect a blend of the best aspects from the XFL and USFL, aiming to enhance the gameplay and viewer experience.

“There will be a couple changes… Maybe the (kickoff) model that the USFL did, which was a little bit more traditional, but again, I didn’t watch a lot of their special team stuff until recent, so that’s the one thing. But I think everything else is intact.”

UFL’s Vision for the Future

The coach outlines the UFL’s long-term vision, emphasizing its distinct identity and business model, separate from the NFL. He touches on the league’s growth plans, TV rights, and potential future tweaks, including team expansion.

“The UFL is its own entity… They want to prove proof of concept… The number of teams could be tweaked following this season as well. So they want to grow, they want to build, but they also want to do it the right way and make sure there’s long term success.”

Summary and Takeaway

This interview with Anthony Becht offers a overview of the UFL’s strategic direction and the St. Louis Battlehawks’ role in it. Key takeaways include St. Louis’s role in the league, details on the upcoming season’s structure, the challenge of maintaining a strong coaching staff and player core, rule changes to enhance the game, and the UFL’s vision for growth. These insights are crucial for understanding the UFL’s trajectory and why it’s a league worth watching, especially for those interested in the evolving landscape of American football.

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