Key Points:

  • D.C. Defenders try to maintain an unbeaten streak at Audi Field in 2024.
  • All Defenders home games take place on Sundays.
  • We could see bigger crowds at Audi in 2024, the first home game takes place in April.

Audi Field: A Fortress of Victory

D.C. Defenders showcase a formidable 9-0 record at Audi Field, drawing in fans with their invincible home game performance. Audi Field stands out as one of the best home fields in the UFL, not just for the team’s record but also for its vibrant atmosphere, including traditions like the beer snake and lemons. These unique fan experiences contribute to the intimidating environment for visiting teams and play a significant role in the Defenders’ home dominance.

Week 1: A New Beginning at Alamodome

The Defenders commence the UFL season against the San Antonio Brahmas, facing a revamped team under Wade Phillips. AJ Smith takes the helm as Offensive Coordinator and looks to be a much better team in 2024. This first conference game sets the tone for their campaign, marking a critical juncture in their quest for the title.

Week 2: Defenders’ Home Opener

D.C.’s home opener pits them against the Houston Roughnecks, showcasing a duel between top running backs. The Defenders seek to dominate at Audi Field, ensuring their impeccable home record remains intact. Houston Roughnecks/Gamblers will have a tough road a head at Audi field.

Week 3: Championship Rematch at Choctaw Stadium

The Defenders confront the Arlington Renegades in a rematch of last year’s championship, highlighting a battle of coaching strategies and team cohesion. This matchup promises another thriller, underlining the intense rivalry between the teams.

Week 4: Prime Time Showdown at Protective Stadium

A prime-time clash against the Birmingham Stallions awaits the Defenders, as two of the best teams from the XFL and USFL collide. This game, a highlight of the season, offers a captivating display of strategic gameplay and team prowess. The two time USFL Champion Stallions look to continue there winnings ways but how do they compare with a top tier XFL team.

Week 5: The Battle of Rivals at Audi Field

The Defenders face the St. Louis Battlehawks, reigniting one of the fiercest rivalries in spring pro football. With potential changes in quarterback lineups, this game could redefine the dynamics of this intense competition. The Battlehawks look to be the early favorite as one of the top teams in the United Football League. That could all change if AJ McCarron chooses to sit out this season.

Week 7: The Panthers’ Visit to Audi Field

The Defenders host the Michigan Panthers, offering Mike Nolan’s squad a stern test. As D.C.’s final game on ESPN for the season, the team is determined to showcase their championship credentials. The Panthers look to be one of the lower echelon UFL teams going into 2024.

Week 8: A Critical Encounter at The Dome

A visit to the St. Louis Battlehawks marks a significant moment, with major playoff implications on the line. This intense battle could foreshadow the championship landscape, emphasizing the Defenders’ resolve to succeed. The Dome in St Louis should be rocking in this late season matchup.

Week 9: Showdown Against Memphis Showboats

The Defenders’ penultimate regular-season game pits them against the formidable Memphis Showboats. With both teams potentially vying for a championship spot, this matchup could be a precursor to a postseason showdown. The Showboats have a new coach in 2024 under the John Defilippo. They could be one of the top teams in the USFL division.

Week 10: The Final Regular Season Stand

In the season finale, the Defenders face the Arlington Renegades in a game laden with potential playoff implications. This climactic encounter could seal the Defenders’ fate, setting the stage for their playoff journey. Are the Renegades better than their 4 and 6 record in 2024.

The March to Victory

As the 2024 UFL season unwinds, the D.C. Defenders‘ resolve is tested through each game. With their eyes set on the championship, the team’s performance in these crucial matchups will determine their place in UFL history. The Defenders’ are considered one of the top teams in the XFL Division, they question is will their have a top tier Quarterback to lead them in 2024.

D.C. Defenders Schedule

DateEventTime/ResultsVenue Network Spread Over/Under Attendance Ratings
Defenders vs Brahmas
The Alamodome
ESPN D.C. -6 44.5 13,164 960,000
Roughnecks vs Defenders
Audi Field
FOX D.C. -5 41 15,052 849,000
Defenders vs Renegades
Choctaw Stadium
ESPN Defenders -2 43.5 8,411 534,000
Defenders vs Stallions
Protective Stadium
FOX* Stallions -8 47 7,576 951,000
Battlehawks vs Defenders
Audi Field
ESPN Battlehawks -3 47 16,058 688,000
Brahmas vs Defenders
Audi Field
FOX Brahmas -1 42.5 14,303 1,220,000
Panthers vs Defenders
Audi Field
ESPN Defenders -1 43 12,222 665,001
Defenders vs Battlehawks
The Dome at America's Center
ABC BattleHawks -7.5 44.5 32,403 -
Defenders vs Showboats
Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium
FOX* Defenders -5 46 6,387 800,000
Renegades vs Defenders
Audi Field
ABC - - 13,080 893,000

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