In an exhilarating Week 2 matchup in the 2024 UFL season, the D.C. Defenders clinched their first victory against the Houston Roughnecks with a score of 23-18. This game was pivotal for both teams as they sought to rebound from their opening-weekend losses. The game was characterized by its tight scores throughout the quarters, with the Roughnecks leading at times but eventually falling short as the Defenders mounted a comeback in the fourth quarter.

Analyzing Jordan Ta’amu’s Game Management

Quarterback Jordan Ta’amu showed both resilience and areas for concern in the latest game. Despite completing 212 yards and securing two touchdowns, Ta’amu’s completion percentage remains a weak point, placing him as one of the least efficient quarterbacks in the UFL so far this season. His early game interception for a pick 6 in the red zone highlights a recurring issue with decision-making under pressure. Nonetheless, his ability to maintain composure and steer the team to a comeback victory speaks volumes about his mental toughness and leadership on the field. Box Score.

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Revamped Receiving Corps Shines in Tight Situations

The D.C. Defenders’ pass-catching group has been revitalized this season and proved pivotal in their Week 2 performance. Tight end Briley Moore-McKinney made a spectacular one-handed touchdown catch, which was a crucial moment in the game. Ty Scott and Alex Ellis also made significant contributions, with Scott scoring a critical late-game touchdown and Ellis securing a two-point conversion. Despite Keke Coutee leading the team in targets, his yardage remains low, suggesting an area where he might improve his efficiency.

Chris Rowland, absent in Week 1, made a noticeable debut in Week 2. His 46-yard catch was a highlight, showcasing his ability to contribute significantly to the offense. Taking over special teams return duties, he filled in admirably for the absent Pooka Williams, adding depth and versatility to the team’s strategy.

Running Game Continues to Struggle

In Week 2, the D.C. Defenders’ running game faced significant challenges, struggling to make substantial headway against a tough Houston Roughnecks defense. Darrius Hagans bore the brunt of the running duties, receiving 11 carries throughout the game. Despite his efforts, Hagans managed only 29 yards, averaging a meager 2.64 yards per carry, a statistic that underscores the difficulties faced by the Defenders’ offensive line in creating openings. Additionally, Hagans contributed in the passing game, catching two passes for 11 yards, though these plays did little to alleviate the overall ineffectiveness of the ground attack.

Complementing Hagans, Camron Harris was handed the ball nine times and accrued 34 yards. His average of 3.78 yards per carry was slightly better but still indicative of the struggles within the Defenders’ running game. Harris’ runs, though marginally more effective in terms of yardage per attempt compared to Hagans, did not significantly impact the game’s flow or outcome.

Impactful Plays by the Defense

The D.C. Defenders’ defense, under the guidance of Gregg Williams, has continued to emphasize creating turnover opportunities, a hallmark of Williams’ defensive philosophy. The philosophy not only hinges on physical prowess but also on a keen understanding of opponent tendencies, which allows D.C. defenders to position themselves optimally to make game-changing plays.


The D.C. Defenders showcased both resilience and areas for growth in their Week 2 victory against the Houston Roughnecks. The team’s ability to capitalize on key plays, particularly in the passing game and on defense, enabled their comeback. However, improvement in quarterback efficiency and the running game will be critical for sustained success. As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see how the team adapts and evolves to address these challenges.

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