Key Points:

  • Exclusive Season Ticket Holder Event: DC Defenders organize a special gathering.
  • High-Profile Q&A Session: UFL CEO Russ Brandon, EVP Daryl Johnston, and coach Barlow to interact.
  • Limited Access Lottery: Admission based on a first-come, first-serve lottery system.

Season Opener: DC Defenders Style

The DC Defenders are kicking off the 2024 season with an exclusive event for their season ticket holders. Scheduled for February 15th, this gathering at Solace Outpost marks a unique opportunity for fans to engage with team and league executives.

Elite Panel Engagement

This special event will feature a Q&A session with prominent UFL figures: CEO Russ Brandon, EVP of Football Operations Daryl Johnston, and head coach Reggie Barlow. Attendees will gain insights and engage in discussions about the upcoming season.

Limited Entry: A Lottery System

Access to this sought-after event is limited. Season ticket members must enter a lottery to win admission. The DC Defenders emphasize that space allocation will be on a first-come, first-serve basis, adding exclusivity to the event. Fans interested in getting season tickets, you need to head the the official UFL website for details. Questions about DC Defenders Tickets? Contact (771) 212-9204.

A Unique Opportunity for Fans

Today’s press release by the UFL highlights this exclusive event as a significant opportunity for DC Defenders’ season ticket holders. It’s a chance to directly interact with high-level executives and the head coach, deepening their connection with the team. There were a lot more of these events in 2023. Seems like they cut that down in 2024.

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