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  • Unprecedented Ticket Demand: The DC Defenders have experienced an unprecedented demand for tickets, selling out almost every ticket for the current year, with the beer snake section tickets going in just 20 minutes. This highlights the strong fanbase and anticipation for the upcoming UFL season.
  • UFL Expansion and Future Vision: Williams discussed the UFL’s ambitious plans to expand the league from eight to twelve and eventually sixteen teams in the coming years. This move reflects the league’s commitment to growth, sustainability, and enhancing the competitive landscape of spring football.
  • Defensive Strength and Team Readiness: Highlighting the scrimmage against the Michigan Panthers, Williams shared insights into the DC Defenders’ defensive strategies and preparation, showcasing their readiness and potential for dominance in the season.

In a recent episode of the “Come Get Some” show, DC Defenders Defensive Coordinator Greg Williams shared insights on the team’s preparation, performance, and strategies for the upcoming UFL season. Hosted by longtime NFL coaches Gregg Williams and Blake Williams, the show is a weekly deep dive into football tactics, big interviews, and in-depth discussions on the game’s finer points.

Below are the key highlights from Greg Williams’ interview;

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DC Defenders Tickets

Greg Williams expressed excitement over the overwhelming support from DC fans, noting the rapid sell-out of tickets in the beer snake section. The DC Defenders’ games are are one of the top draws in the league and will be again in 2024.

“And we just found out, too, Blake. We just found out that almost every single ticket has been sold out there this year. But in the beer snake section, when they put those tickets up this year, they sold out in that beer snake section in 20 minutes.”

Increasing Teams in the UFL

Greg Williams detailed the league’s ambitious plans for expansion, reflecting on the strategic approach to enhance the UFL’s footprint and provide more opportunities for players and fans alike.

This move is seen as a positive step for spring football, demonstrating the UFL’s commitment to its growth and sustainability. Something that some of us covering the league have been concerned about.

“And then with the success of this year, they’re looking at selling the teams into the different markets and all that stuff, plus increasing going from eight teams this year to twelve teams the next year and 16 teams the following year. And they’ve got it set up in a very positive way. And it’s so much needed for spring football to help the NFL and to keep everything going.”

Some potential team ownership we have heard from sources include owners taking over the Memphis and or Michigan teams. We have also heard New Jersey and Canton are two locations that could return in 2025. This, of course, is all depending on how the United Football League does in 2024.

Defensive Strategies and Key Players

The defensive coordinator outlined the key strategies and players expected to make a significant impact on the Defenders in 2024. Mentioning players like Santos Ramirez and DJ Swearinger, Williams pointed to the depth and talent in defense that the DC Defenders possess going into the season.

“At the jets we had Santos Ramirez and he’s back at the safety position. And DJ Swearinger is back at the safety. And Kentrell Bryce, that played safety last year was very good. Michael Joseph’s back from his injury.”

Team Improvements and Preparation

Williams commended the efforts of coach Reggie Barlow and GM Vaughn Hutchins in enhancing the team’s capabilities, particularly after the merger that combined the best talents from the XFL and USFL. He highlighted a scrimmage against the Michigan team, showcasing the defensive strength and the team’s readiness for the season.

“It really is going well. And coach Reggie Barlow has done a very good job and the GM, Vaughn Hutchins has done a very good job. They’ve improved in a lot of know the merger was something that was necessary. You can’t have two spring leagues competing against each other.”

Greg Williams’ interview on the “Come Get Some” show provided insights into the DC Defenders’ preparations, strategies, and the support from fans. Highlighting ticket sales, team improvements, and key defensive players, Williams painted an optimistic picture for the upcoming season. Fans can listen to the full interview to catch all the details including his full take on how the Panthers scrimmage went. It was kind of funny.

YouTube video
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