Key Points:

  • Donald De La Haye signs with UFL’s San Antonio Brahmas.
  • Deestroying’s controversial exit from college football due to NCAA policies.
  • Transition from YouTube star to pursuing professional football dreams.

Early Career and YouTube Controversy

Donald De La Haye, known as “Deestroying,” showcased his athletic skills at the University of Central Florida. His tenure at UCF was marked by a unique position as a kicker and receiver. However, De La Haye’s decision to monetize his YouTube channel led to a dispute with the NCAA, resulting in the loss of his college football eligibility. This choice marked the beginning of a new journey, propelling his YouTube channel to nearly 5.7 million subscribers.

Professional Aspirations and Training

Despite setbacks, De La Haye pursued his professional football dreams. In 2019, he joined the Canadian Football League’s Toronto Argonauts but only remained through the preseason. His dedication to football remained unwavering as he continued training with specialists like Gary Zauner and Nick Novak. Deestroying’s influence extended beyond YouTube, contributing to the football community by training with free agents and engaging with leagues like the XFL.

San Antonio Brahmas and UFL Signing

In a significant development, De La Haye signed with the UFL’s San Antonio Brahmas, marking a new chapter in his career. The decision by the UFL, led by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, to sign De La Haye reflects the league’s recognition of his unique blend of social media influence and athletic talent. The Brahmas’ announcement echoed the enthusiasm of fans and followers, highlighting Deestroying’s potential impact in the league. No word on Deestroying’s contract details. We assume it will be just like every other player in the UFL. The team that he is playing for, the Brahmas, could change as training camp begins on February 24th. There are 1 other kicker on the teams roster right now. Christopher Dunn from North Carolina St.

In this pivotal moment, Deestroying not only carries the support of his extensive fan base but also symbolizes a new era for athletes who navigate the intersection of traditional sports and digital influence. As Deestroying steps onto the field with the San Antonio Brahmas, his journey represents a transformative narrative in the landscape of professional football and social media.

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