The W. Scott Bailey of the San Antonio Business Journal has reported that the Alamodome and the San Antonio Brahmas are working on a multi-year extension to the Brahmas original lease. The Alamodome’s capacity for football games is between 64,000 and 72,000 fans. Due to the Brahma’s success related to their ability to connect to the football fans of San Antonio, the Assistant Director of San Antonio’s Convention and Sports Facilities department, Stephen Zito, looks forward to expanding the Brahma’s use of the resources available in the Alamodome.

The Brahmas lease with the Alamodome original lease is a two-year option to extend the relationship between the stadium, the team, and the XFL. Now that the Brahmas will continue playing football in the UFL, Zito is looking for ways to solidify the relationship between the downtown stadium and San Antonio’s only professional football team. During the Brahmas’ first season, the team chose only to utilize the stadium’s lower bowl.

The team expects to begin marketing the use of the stadium’s premium seating areas, including club-level seating and suites. They also plan on offering a new “Lone Star Club” that combines season tickets and an all-inclusive food option. The senior vice president of ticket sales for the UFL, Jason Gonella, mentioned that “we have seen an increasing appetite for all-inclusive and more premium products.” As the focus of most of the fans and media of the UFL are focusing on phases 1 and 2 of the player allotment process, the Rrahmas are working to improve the fan experience for their home games.

Those fan experience improvements include field-level club options and tailgating opportunities. Zito complimented the Brahmas organization’s willingness to look for ways to grow their relationship when he said, “They’re coming in with a different approach…more willing to think outside the box.” In spring football, the teams that work to grow their organization will succeed, and the Brahmas and Alamodome are betting on the future of the UFL.

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Aaron Sauter
Aaron Sauter is a 23-veteran high school football coach that is also an fan of all levels of football. He is especially interested in alternative football leagues like the CFL, UFL, and IFL. Aaron enjoys analyzing innovative schemes on offense and defense during his free time.

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