Key Points:

  • Memphis Showboats Meet & Greet event set for Wiseacre Brewing Company.
  • Fans can meet Head Coach John DeFilippo and access exclusive merchandise.
  • Unlike other UFL events, UFL CEO Russ Brandon and SVP Daryl Johnston are not announced to appear.

Memphis Showboats Fan Engagement

The UFL’s Memphis Showboats are inviting fans to a distinctive Meet & Greet event at Wiseacre Brewing Company, focusing on direct interaction with the team, particularly with Head Coach John DeFilippo. The event underscores the UFL’s interest in connecting to its fan base and local community.

Exclusive Coach Interaction, No CEO or SVP Presence

While fans will have the exclusive chance to meet and interact with Coach DeFilippo, it’s noted that UFL CEO Russ Brandon and UFL SVP of Football Operations Daryl Johnston, who have been present at other UFL events, are not announced to appear at this particular event.

Other UFL Team Engagements

In addition to the Memphis Showboats event, the UFL has announced similar Meet & Greet events for other teams. The Birmingham Stallions Feb 8th, D.C. Defenders Feb 15th and Michigan Panthers Feb 10th are also hosting their own fan engagement sessions. Some are open to the public, others like the Defenders, are for season ticket holders.

Unique Merchandise and Memorable Experience

The event not only provides a platform for fan-coach interaction but also offers attendees the chance to acquire game-worn jerseys and sideline gear, adding an element of exclusivity and memorabilia to their fan experience.

Event Insights and Fan Expectations

Scheduled for February 9th at Wiseacre Brewing Company in Memphis, TN, from 5-7 pm, the event is shaping up to be a unique opportunity for Showboats supporters.

Join for an intimate football community experience and embrace the essence of Memphis Showboats’ football culture. Remember, without fan support, this league wont make it past this season.

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