Key Points:

  • Dean Blandino’s Proposal: Suggests NFL adopt XFL’s replay review transparency.
  • XFL’s Positive Impact: Transparent officiating in XFL improved fan perception.
  • Potential NFL Rule Change: Blandino discusses a rule allowing challenging any play.

Blandino’s Transparency Push

Dean Blandino, Fox Sports analyst, head of officiating for the XFL and former Vice President of Officiating for the NFL advocates for the NFL to adopt XFL’s transparent replay review process, believing it could clarify officiating decisions and quell conspiracy theories. In an interview with Ari Meirov of The 33rd Team he dives into the idea.

Positive Officiating Shift in XFL

In the XFL, transparent officiating led to a more positive narrative around referees. Blandino observed an increase in fan appreciation and understanding of officiating decisions in the XFL, suggesting similar benefits for the NFL.

XFL’s Challenge Rule Success

Blandino highlights the XFL’s rule allowing coaches to challenge any play once per game. He believes this approach, successful in the XFL, could improve NFL game integrity and fan experience.

“Our experience was really good (in the XFL),” said Blandino of the challenge rule. “It was a great experience for our coaches, for myself, the people who worked in the command center. But it did work. I think the NFL could do it. We have seen teams propose changes like this before to make roughing the passer reviewable. We had pass interference reviewable in 2019, which didn’t work. But I don’t think it was a poor rule change, it was the application. If you can find a consistent standard and stick to that standard, you can open up replays to other areas.”

NFL’s Potential Adoption

While the NFL hasn’t planned to implement these changes yet, Blandino’s insights suggest that adopting XFL’s officiating transparency could significantly enhance the league’s relationship with its fans.

Blandino Return To The UFL

The United Football league has yet to announce it officially but it is expect that Dean Blandino and USFL’s Mike Pereira are expected to join the UFL.

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