The United Football League Players Association and telehealth provider Onrise have agreed to a partnership for the mental health needs of UFL players. The UFLPA will designate the healthcare company as the Union’s primary provider for mental health resources and support services.

“We are proud to offer healthcare services to our player membership through Onrise Care,” said Dartez Jacobs, president of the UFL Players Association. “This mental health initiative is our first effort in creating a foundation for proactive intervention, as opposed to the reactive approach spring leagues have had in the past.”

Through the UFLPA’s mental health initiative with Onrise, players will have access to services anonymously and independently, at the Union’s expense. These services also include pairing UFL athletes with player care specialists, psychiatrists, and access to Onrise’s 24/7 Crisis Line, if needed.


Onrise is a compassionate player care and mental health company. We are a place where retired athletes and clinicians unite to revolutionize athlete mental health care. At Onrise, we believe that everyone needs efficient strategies to cope with mental challenges both on and off the field. From game day to a big test day, our mission is to ensure that athletes have access to high-quality athlete to athlete support, therapy, and psychiatric care, regardless of their circumstances. For more information, visit

About the UFLPA

The United Football League Players’ Association (United Steelworkers Local 9004) is the union for professional football players in the United Football League and serves as the exclusive collective bargaining representative for 418 UFL players. Unionized in 2022, the Players’ Union mission is to ensure protection of player rights and establish fair working conditions regarding all terms of employment.v

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