The United Football League (UFL) proudly announces the establishment of the prestigious Sportsman of the Year Award, a distinguished honor that celebrates UFL player’s service off the field and excellence on the field. The award represents the league’s commitment to recognizing outstanding athletes who demonstrate unparalleled dedication to community service and excellence in their athletic endeavors.

The Sportsman of the Year Award will be presented annually to one deserving player who exemplifies the highest standards of athletic excellence and community engagement. Nominees will be announced throughout the season and their work will be highlighted across the League’s content and social media platforms.  

“We are proud to continue with a tradition we started in the USFL. The Sportsman of the Year Award is a testament to the incredible athletes within our league who go above and beyond to make a difference in their communities,” said Daryl Johnston, UFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations. “This award not only recognizes excellence on the field but also celebrates the profound impact that our players have off the field as role models and community leaders.”

The winner of the inaugural UFL Sportsman of the Year Award will be announced the week of the UFL Championship game in St. Louis.

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