The United Football League (UFL) will honor the unparalleled contributions to the sport of football of long-time NCAA coach Buddy Teevens at this Saturday’s UFL kickoff game.

Teevens, who passed away in September, is widely renowned and respected for his innovative coaching style and focus on player safety and well-being.

“Buddy’s dedication to mentorship and guidance not only shaped the athletes that were fortunate enough to play for him but instilled in them invaluable qualities that extend far beyond the field,” said Russ Brandon, President and CEO of the UFL. “He was not just a coach; he was a true architect of character, molding individuals of integrity, resilience, and excellence.”

In recognition of Coach Teevens’ exceptional contributions to the game of football, the UFL will name its Coach of the Year award in his honor. This gesture serves to celebrate and honor his remarkable coaching career and enduring influence on the football community.

“Coach Teevens is on my personal Mt. Rushmore of all-time coaches. He was ahead of his time in reducing contact, developing skills, and still winning,” said Troy Vincent Sr., EVP of Football Operations NFL. “He was a man of great character who put the wellness and safety of his players first. Coach Teevens embodied what every athlete – and every parent – could ask for in someone who truly cared about both player care and winning. It is fitting that his legacy would live on not only in those who were lucky enough to cross paths in his life but also through this Coach of the Year Award.”

To honor Coach Teevens’ legacy, all UFL players will proudly wear helmet stickers adorned with his initials during the 2024 season.

Teevens was a pioneering advocate for equality and diversity with his coaching staff. His commitment to creating opportunities for women in coaching fostered a more inclusive environment. He broke down barriers by recognizing and valuing the expertise and talent of female coaches, setting a powerful example for the future of sports.

During his tenure as Head Coach at Dartmouth College, Teevens won five Ivy League Championships while setting a standard of excellence for coaches everywhere as a proponent of player safety initiatives, including reducing full-contact practices by focusing on building skills and technique.

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