There was a bit of premature celebration for Battlehawks fans between the release of A.J. McCarron from the Bengals, Coach Becht making some cryptic “breaking news” tweets, along with speculation a plenty between fans and media alike. However, despite all the speculation, and rumors the Battlehawks did manage to make Two transactions at the Quarterback position.

On Valentine’s Day the Battlehawks and the UFL_PR announced the signing of spring league veteran Brandon Silvers after releasing Nick Tiano, St. Louis’ primary QB2 for 2023. Silvers has been on the Alt-Football cycle since 2019 after coming out of Troy as a UDFA in 2018. Silvers has had stops with the Memphis Express (AAF), the Seattle Dragons (2020 XFL), the Conquerors (Spring League), and the Houston Roughnecks (2023 XFL) in his pro career while also having a cup of tea with the Fan Controlled Football League (2022) and the New York Jets (2019). Silvers joins the Battlehawks to take his place most likely as the Backup to the XFL single season (and career) Touchdown holder A.J. McCarron.

Currently the Battlehawks roster sits at 71 players with training camp on the horizon. While the signing of Silvers gives fans a better sense of insurance of 2024 season. Fans will be feverishly refreshing the UFL_PR twitter feed for a transactions update, with an Alabama QB’s name on it.

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Patrick Rifino


  • Posted February 15, 2024 11:59 am 0Likes
    by Sharon George

    In my opinion it’s rather odd that Silvers would sign with the Battlehawks to be a backup to AJ McCarron. Having seen him play, several teams around the UFL look like they have QB’s that he’s better than.

  • Posted February 15, 2024 7:09 pm 0Likes
    by Ken Granito

    It’s funny. I have seen Brandon Silvers shine. I even remember looking at Jets camp a long time ago and said who is this guy. It’s a shame he won’t make the team and it was Silvers. As it were, I doubt he would be starting for the Jets, but he is better than some of the guys we’ve played. There maybe a couple of Texas teams that he can vie for the starting job, but I think this at least puts an established player in St. Louis should McCarron get hurt. I agree it might be good for him to get a chance to start. Players around 30 only get so many new beginnings. Maybe if they expand next year more opportunities will come about.

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