Key Points

  • UFL teams commenced their 2024 preseason in Arlington, Texas, on February 24.
  • Teams are practicing at four different facilities in the DFW Metroplex.
  • Initial team scrimmages scheduled for March 9, with roster cuts on March 10 and March 23.

United Football League (UFL)

According to a report by Mike Mitchell of Sports Illustrated, we learn the UFL’s practice locations and schedule leading up to kick off of the inaugural 2024 United Football League Season. UFL coaches and players are gathered in Arlington, Texas. Training camps are now underway, marking the beginning of the UFL preseason.

The eight UFL teams are split across four locations in the DFW Metroplex, facilitating the preseason preparations. Notably, teams from the USFL Conference are paired with those from the XFL Conference, fostering a competitive yet collaborative environment.

    Practice Locations and Schedule

    Teams are utilizing four facilities around the DFW Metroplex for their training camps. Specific pairings, such as the Birmingham Stallions and Arlington Renegades at Choctaw Stadium, highlight the league’s strategic placement of teams.

    This arrangement not only facilitates shared resources but also primes the teams for their initial matchups, like the Stallions and Renegades’ game on March 30. “The unique setup with XFL and USFL conference teams practicing together could lead to preseason trades,” Mitchell notes, underscoring the strategic advantages of this arrangement.

    Roster Management and Scrimmages

    The league has set a roster limit of 75 players for the training camp, with a reduction to 50 players required before the regular season. The first significant roster cut is scheduled for March 10, following team scrimmages on March 9. This tight schedule emphasizes the critical nature of the preseason scrimmages as both a competitive showcase and a final evaluation period before roster cuts. “There should be plenty of roster movement ahead,” Mitchell predicts, indicating an active preseason period for team management.

    • Feb. 27 – First team practices
    • March 9 – Team scrimmages
    • March 10 – First cuts (from 75 to 58)
    • March 23 – Final cuts (from 58 to 50)
    • March 30-31 – Season starts

    UFL Start Date

    The United Football League start date is March 30th when the USFL 2-time Champion Birmingham Stallions take on the XFL Champion Arlington Renegades. The game starts at 1 pm Eastern of FOX.

    Week 1 UFL Action

      Saturday, March 30 | 1:00 PM ET | Arlington, TX | Choctaw Stadium | FOX
      Saturday, March 30 | 4:00 PM ET | Detroit, MI | Ford Field | FOX
      Sunday, March 31 | 12:00 PM ET | San Antonio, TX | The Alamodome | ESPN
      Sunday, March 31 | 3:00 PM ET | Houston, TX | Rice Stadium | ESPN
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