Key Points

  • UFL advertising costs average $6,570 per 30-second spot.
  • U.S. Army invested $10 million in a one-year UFL sponsorship.
  • Total sales for eight games estimated at $3.7 million.

According to a report by Sporticos Anthony Crupi, the United Football League’s (UFL) inaugural season has been marked by strong attendance and ratings in St. Louis, while other markets struggle to generate interest. The Battlehawks fan base is carrying the league at this point with the DC Defenders fan base a distance second.

He also talks about UFL advertising rates and how much the U.S. Army paid for its one-year UFL sponsorship. It seems like the UFL is already in good financial standings.

Advertising Costs in the UFL

“the average unit cost for an in-game UFL spot is a thrifty $6,570 per 30-second spot. And while that’s probably a bit more than what you’ll find hidden in the sofa cushions, the low rates have set a modest ceiling on revenue; per media buyer estimates, Fox and Disney have booked $3.7 million in sales over the first eight games, which works out to a hair shy of $465,000 per telecast.”

Despite these low costs, Fox and Disney have successfully generated approximately $3.7 million in sales over the first eight games, averaging nearly $465,000 per broadcast. This pricing strategy has made UFL games an accessible platform for advertisers, allowing them to reach audiences at a reasonable cost. As each week of the season moves on and the TV numbers remain strong this could change. Things can only go up at this point. Which is good for the first year league.

For comparison, an NFL game 30-second spot on ESPN can range in the $300,000. While over the air network games can net around $700,000. But that is the National Football League, the biggest player in town. NBA playoff games can range from $50,000 to $75,000 depending on the network.

As far as TV viewership. NFL is in the 15 to 17 million range per game, MLB and NBA are in the 1.6 to 1.4 million range. But leagues like MLS average 285,000 viewers. They just signed a exclusive 10-year, $2.5 billion agreement with Apple.

U.S. Army’s Sponsorship Role

“Also doing its part in support of the startup is the U.S. Army, which has earmarked $10 million for a one-year presenting sponsorship designed to bolster its recruiting efforts.”

$10 million for a one-year presenting sponsorship is not bad, hence why we saw The Rock, Dany Garcia, ESPN and FOX executives on Capital Hill a couple months ago.

As the UFL continues to grow, these financial strategies will be critical in shaping its market position and appeal to both advertisers and sponsors.

The article mostly focuses on the UFL’s inaugural season having mixed results, with the St. Louis Battlehawks emerging as a clear success story. However the league’s partnership with Fox and Disney, along with sponsorships from major brands, suggests that the network has a long-term commitment to the United Football League.

As the season progresses, it remains to be seen if other markets can generate the same level of interest as St. Louis. But it does seem we have a league that could survive a couple more years. At this points, that’s all we ask.

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