Key Points:

  • Event Schedule: February 18th, 2PM-4PM, at The Alamodome.
  • Head Coach Introduction: Meet Wade Phillips and hear his vision.
  • Special Note: UFL CEO Russ Brandon will not be present.

The United Football League (UFL) is gearing up for an exciting 2024 season with the San Antonio Brahmas’ kickoff event. This event is set to take place on February 18th, from 2PM to 4PM, at The Alamodome, marking a notable moment for fans and the team alike. To attend, fans need RSVP for the event.

Event Overview

This special event will not feature UFL CEO Russ Brandon, setting it apart from other team events. Nonetheless, it offers fans a unique chance to engage with the team, featuring head coach Wade Phillips and UFL Head of Football Operations Daryl Johnston.

Exclusive Fan Experience

Attendees will have the rare opportunity to meet the new head coach, Wade Phillips, in person. Phillips, who previously coached the Houston Roughnecks, brings significant experience and a fresh perspective to the Brahmas.

Additional Fan Engagement Events

The UFL is expanding its fan engagement beyond San Antonio:

These Meet & Greet events across the league underscore the UFL’s commitment to enhancing fan experiences, providing opportunities to learn about the teams and their operations. The Battlehawks, Roughnecks, and Renegades have yet to announce events.

Future Engagements

Post-event, the UFL aims to host more fan engagement events across other franchises during the season, providing insight into the league’s operations and future plans. These events are crucial for fans wanting to get closer to the game and feel different from the NFL. The main mission, sell more season tickets.

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  • Posted February 8, 2024 9:27 am 0Likes
    by Ken Granito

    Does anyone other than me feel like Bill Belichek would be the perfect UFL coach. After seeing how the Guardians and Vipers did last year and the Maulers in 2022, it is clear that coaching at this level remains very important so having a great coach would mean so much to the league, its players and the team’s record. 1. Belichek does not need the money. What the UFL pays would be fine for him. 2. For the most part he would not be working with millionaires. His players would be motivated to get better and Belichek WOULD help those players reach their goals, even ones they didn’t know they had yet. 3. Players reward people that help make them better. His team would play for him and they would win as he has the in game knowledge to get the job done. 4. Players interested in coaching may choose a Belichek team over another to gain experience only Bill can give. To this point, he could continue to groom his son to pass on the legacy.
    To me this is clear that it would work for all parties involved. So when a job opens reach to him if not currently in a NFL position. The only thing I request is that if the Generals come back to see if Riley and Cottrell want to come back first.

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