Coming into the UFL Super Dispersal Draft, the Brahmas had a few specific areas to focus on to complete their 2024 roster. During the second UFL draft of 2024, the Brahmas were able to address most of their needs before the UFL Free-Agency period starting on Tuesday, January 16th. San Antonio took advantage of the opportunity and selected ten players to add quality talent to their roster, which was reported in a tweet by the San Antonio Brahmas Bullpen Twitter account.

San Antonio’s first pick of the UFL Super Dispersal Draft was quarterback Quentin Dormady, a teammate of the Brahma’s first pick of the UFL Mini-Dispersal Draft tight end Cody Latimer.

Along with adding Dormady to their roster, he should have a chance to compete with Jack Coan to be the starting quarterback for the Brahmas. San Antonio selected three offensive linemen, BJ Wilson, Dareuan Parker, and former Houston Roughnecks starting offensive lineman John Yarbrough. Regardless of which quarterback is leading the Brahmas offense, they should benefit from a loaded offensive line providing protection that was a weak point for the Brahmas during the 2023 XFL season.

The Brahmas also selected some additional wide receivers to bring more playmakers to the San Antonio offense. KD Cannon is another former Orlando Guardians player who worked successfully with Dormady and Latimer during the 2023 XFL season. San Antonio also brought back wide receiver Landen Akers; in 2023, Akers developed into a consistent slot receiver for the Brahmas. Former Sam Houston State wide receiver Cody Chrest was the Brahma’s last pick for San Antonio in the Super Dispersal draft.

San Antonio also selected three defensive players to add depth to their defensive line and backfield. Defensive tackle Trey Botts was the second selection for the Brahmas; Botts is coming to San Antonio after spending time with the Baltimore Ravens during the 2023 NFL season. The Brahmas also selected defensive backs Chris Steele and AJ Hendy.

Roster Needs Heading Into The Free-Agency Period

After three phases of the UFL player allocation process, including the Mini-Dispersal and Super-Dispersal Drafts, the Brahmas have 71 players on their 2024 roster. That leaves the Brahmas with four roster spots they need to fill before the start of training camp on February 24th. The Brahmas must fill the most critical open specialist positions: punter and long snapper. San Antonio can continue building their 2024 roster when free agency starts on January 16th.

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