Key Points:

  • Battlehawks’ Local Dominance: Stand out in St. Louis, a city without an NFL team.
  • Special MLB Collaboration: Announced Battlehawks Night with the Cardinals on April 22nd.
  • Promising 2024 Season Ahead: Battlehawks look to excel in the talent-rich UFL.

St. Louis’ Football Fervor

The St. Louis Battlehawks, known for captivating a city without an NFL team, are gearing up for their 2024 UFL season starting March 30th. As a prominent part of the United Football League (UFL), they are set to play at The Dome, further energizing St. Louis’s sports scene.

MLB and UFL Synergy

The St. Louis Cardinals (MLB) announced their full theme schedule, including a special Battlehawks Night on April 22nd. Fans attending this event can get an exclusive Battlehawks cap, with tickets starting at just $19, marking a unique cross-sport collaboration. The St. Louis Cardinals will be taking on the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Former Battlehawks President Excite

The former St. Louis Battlehawks team President in 2020 Kurt Hunzeker was excited about the partnership between MLB and the UFL.

A Season of High Hopes

After narrowly missing the XFL playoffs with a 7-3 record last season, the Battlehawks are now part of the UFL, which combines eight teams from the USFL and XFL. The 2024 season is anticipated to be fiercely competitive, showcasing a wealth of talent across the league.

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