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As the United Football League’s (UFL) first round of training camp cuts comes to a close, fans and analysts alike are shocked at some notable players who didn’t make the final roster. From seasoned veterans to promising rookies, the UFL’s training camps have delivered some unexpected decisions. Look at the top 10 surprising cuts from the UFL’s first round of training camp cuts.

1. Boogie Roberts, DT – San Jose St. (Released by D.C. Defenders):

Boogie Roberts’ journey from the NFL to the UFL is a testament to his unwavering determination. Boogie Robert’s being released after experiencing setbacks and bouts of depression is an interesting decision by D.C. Defenders. Roberts found solace on the field with the Pittsburgh Maulers where he emerged as a critical player making plenty of amazing plays on the field, showcasing his talent and resilience. Don’t be surprised if he isn’t a free agent for long.

2. Doug Costin, DT – Miami University of Ohio (Released by Arlington Renegades):

Doug Costin’s journey through various football leagues took another turn as the Arlington Renegades released him. The defensive tackle, known best for his relentless motor and heavy hands on the field, had hoped to make an impact with the Renegades after getting drafted during the UFL player allocation period. Going from a stalwart addition to the Birmingham Stallions that had an opportunity with the Pittsburg Steelers to released is difficult. Despite his impressive college career and NFL team stint, Costin faces uncertainty as he navigates his next steps in professional football.

3. Luis Aguilar, K – Northern Arizona (Released by Houston Roughnecks):

Luis Aguilar’s remarkable performance for the Philadelphia Stars was not enough to secure his spot on the team’s roster, as he found himself among the surprising cuts from the UFL’s first round of training camp. Agular’s talent is highlighted during his record-setting day for the Stars May 14th, 2023, which included eight made field goals and a game-winning kick (shown below), showcased his exceptional talent and composure under pressure. His ability to consistently deliver in critical moments earned him the trust and admiration of his teammates and coaches. Any special teams unit would love to bring in a kicker with his background and talent as shown on tape.

4. Dylan Moses, LB – Alabama (Released by Memphis Showboats):

Dylan Moses, a standout linebacker from the University of Alabama, entered the professional football scene with high expectations after an impressive college career. Despite signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars as an undrafted free agent, Moses faced challenges transitioning to the NFL. His time with the Jaguars was short-lived, as he was released in 2022. Injury history has kept Moses from achieving what many would have considered coming out of college a promising career. Subsequently, Moses joined the Memphis Showboats of the USFL, where he would play exceptionally well. However, with his release, Moses will be searching for his next opportunity in football.

5. Channing Stribling, DB – Michigan (Released by Birmingham Stallions):

Channing Stribling, a versatile cornerback with a wealth of experience, has forged his unique path through professional football. Despite going undrafted in the NFL, Stribling’s dedication to his craft is evident from signing with teams like the Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts, and Los Angeles Chargers to embracing opportunities in alternative leagues like the AAF and XFL. Stribling has been everywhere at every level and its sad not see him be able to compete on a loaded Birmingham Stallions roster. Stribling, as an athlete has shown that he is committed to playing any level. Due to this I believe you will see him back on a spring league roster soon.

6. Ryan Nall, RB – Oregon St. (Released by Houston Roughnecks):

Ryan Nall’s journey through the NFL has been extraordinary (As a Chicago Bear’s fan I love Ryan Nall). Despite going undrafted, Nall’s talent and work ethic earned him opportunities with the Chicago Bears and the Dallas Cowboys. Nall even earned a 53 man roster spot with the Chicago Bears. However, his release from the Houston Roughnecks of the UFL marks another setback in his football career. Nall’s versatility as a running back and his contributions on special teams make him a valuable asset for any team willing to give him a chance.

7. Shalom Luani, S – Washington St (Released by Michigan Panthers):

Shalom Luani’s athletic journey is as diverse as it is impressive. From representing American Samoa in soccer to making his mark in American football, Luani’s versatility knows no bounds. His soccer career saw him scoring crucial goals for his country, including memorable moments in FIFA-sanctioned matches. In American football, Luani’s talent was recognized early on, leading to successful stints in college football and later in the NFL. Despite facing setbacks with various teams, including the Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Chargers, and Houston Texans, Luani’s determination remained unwavering (Listen below with a little background on his own story). His recent involvement with the New Jersey Generals and later the Michigan Panthers in the UFL demonstrates his ongoing pursuit of excellence in the sport and I’m sure this is not the last time we’ll see Luani.

8. Matt Amendola, K – Oklahoma State (Released by San Antonio Brahmas):

Matt Amendola, a skilled placekicker from Oklahoma State University, has navigated various challenges in his football career. Excelling in high school with record-setting kicks, Amendola continued his success at the collegiate level, at Oklahoma St., he was one of if not the best kicker in school history, despite that he went undrafted in the NFL. Amendola’s resilience has been evident from stints with teams like the Carolina Panthers, New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, and others. Now losing the job to Donald De La Haye (popular Youtuber also known as Deestroying), Amendola is back as a free agent looking for an opportunity.

9. Anthony Cioffi , DB – Rutgers (Released by St. Louis Battlehawks):

Cioffi’s journey in professional football is vast with various leagues, including the NFL, CFL, USFL, XFL, and now the UFL. Despite his athleticism and adaptability, Cioffi has faced challenges in solidifying a long-term position on any roster, with his recent release adding another unexpected twist to his career. Anthony Cioffi time with the New York Jets and Las Vegas Raiders had me believe he would avoid getting cut once more with St. Louis Battlehawks but as he continues to navigate the unpredictable landscape of football, Cioffi remains determined to showcase his talents and secure a stable role in the sport he loves.

10. Morgan Ellison, RB – Southeastern Lousiana (Released by Arlington Renegades):

Morgan Ellison’s story is extremely unique due his television and music acclaim. From his standout performances at Indiana University, his time at Independence C.C. on “Last Chance U”, to his viral internet dance trend “Lean Pop,” Ellison seemed destined for success on the football field especially after his standout performance at the Seattle Sea Dragons last season. However, his release from the Arlington Renegades serves as a reminder of the unpredictability of professional sports. Despite his setbacks, Ellison remains committed to his music career and showcasing his talent at the next level.

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