Key Points:

  • Official Confirmation from UFL: UFL officially confirms the player dispersal process details for Jan. 5.
  • Second Draft Phase on Jan. 15: Players not selected in the first round available for all teams in a second draft.
  • Training Camp and Roster Regulations: Training camp starts Feb. 24 in Arlington, with final rosters set at 50 players and 42 active on game days.

Following earlier reports, the United Football League (UFL) has now officially confirmed the details of its player dispersal process for the 2024 season. This confirmation comes as a key update to the league’s strategic planning for a competitive and thrilling upcoming season.

Scheduled for Friday, Jan. 5, the first phase of the player dispersal draft allows UFL teams to protect up to 42 players from their 2023 rosters. This is a crucial step for teams to retain their core players and maintain continuity. Additionally, teams will have the opportunity to select up to 20 players from the rosters of teams that are not continuing in the UFL from their previous league.

For players not protected or selected in this first phase, there’s still a chance to be picked. A second dispersal draft will be held on Jan. 15, opening the door for all UFL teams to choose from these players. This two-phase draft process ensures that all players have an equitable chance to be part of a team for the new season.

The UFL is also gearing up for its training camp, beginning on Feb. 24 in Arlington, Texas. The camp will start with 75 players per team, eventually narrowing down to a final roster of 50 players for the season. In line with the league’s strategic gameplay, the ‘third quarterback rule‘ will be in effect, where teams can designate an inactive quarterback for games, adding a layer of tactical decision-making.

Game days will see each team fielding 42 active players, a roster size designed to optimize performance and maintain a high-quality standard of play.

With the official confirmation from the UFL, teams, players, and fans can now look forward with excitement to the 2024 season. The player dispersal process and training camp are just the beginning of what promises to be another thrilling chapter in the UFL’s history.

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  • Posted January 6, 2024 6:57 am 0Likes
    by Kavona

    Anthony Jones is one of the best running backs out of Miami, FL. You guys should keep watch on him.

  • Posted January 6, 2024 4:37 pm 0Likes
    by John Jenkins

    Woo Governor would be an absolute steal from a team! Dominant college career!

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