3 Key Points:


  • UFL Player Allocation and Draft Dates: The UFLPA has confirmed that player allocation begins on January 5th, followed by a dispersal draft on January 15th.
  • Draft and Allocation Phases: The process includes protecting current players, claiming players from non-surviving teams, and a final dispersal draft.
  • Inaugural Season Teams and Training: Eight teams, including five from XFL and three from USFL, will start training on February 23rd, 2024, in Arlington, gearing up for the UFL’s first season.

Introduction to UFL Player Allocation and Draft

The United Football League (UFL) has announced its player allocation and dispersal draft schedule, marking a significant step in the league’s inaugural season for 2024. According to the USFL Players Association (UFLPA), the process will begin with USFL/XFL Player Allocation from January 5th, followed by an open dispersal draft on January 15th.

League Contraction and Allocation Process

Phase 1: Protection of Current Players

In the first phase of player allocation, each existing USFL team can protect up to forty-two of their contracted players. This phase ensures that teams retain a core group of players, maintaining team stability and continuity.

Phase 2: Claiming Players from Non-Surviving Teams

The second phase allows teams to expand their protected player list. Teams can claim up to twenty additional players who were contracted with USFL/XFL teams that will not be continuing. This phase provides an opportunity for players from non-surviving teams to remain in the league.

Phase 3: The Dispersal Draft

The final phase, the Dispersal Draft, includes players who were not protected in the first two phases. All teams participating in the 2024 season, from both the USFL and any other professional football leagues like the XFL, can draft these players. This phase is crucial for teams to strengthen their rosters with new talent.

Overview of Teams and Players

Players from various teams, including XFL’s Orlando Guardians, Vegas Vipers, Seattle Sea Dragons, Houston Roughnecks, and USFL teams like Pittsburgh Maulers, New Jersey Generals, Philadelphia Stars, and New Orleans Breakers, will be part of the allocation and draft process. This diverse pool of talent promises an exciting and competitive inaugural season for the UFL.

Inaugural Season of the United Football League

The UFL’s inaugural season in 2024 will feature eight teams. Five of these teams are from the XFL: Arlington Renegades, D.C. Defenders, San Antonio Brahmas, St. Louis Battlehawks, and Houston Roughnecks. The remaining three are from the USFL: Birmingham Stallions, Memphis Showboats, and Michigan Panthers.

Training Camps and Team Preparations

The training camps for the UFL are scheduled to begin on February 23rd, 2024, in Arlington. Teams like the Birmingham Stallions, Houston Roughnecks, Memphis Showboats, and Michigan Panthers, along with other teams, will start their preparations for the upcoming season. This training period is critical for team building and strategy development.

The UFL’s player allocation and dispersal draft are set to lay the foundation for a thrilling inaugural season in 2024. With the combination of protecting existing players and the opportunity to acquire new talent, teams are gearing up for a competitive and dynamic season. Fans can look forward to witnessing the emergence of a new era in professional football.

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