Key Points:

  • St. Louis Battlehawks’ Success: Emphasis on the impressive fan turnout and market engagement in St. Louis.
  • Schedule Release Plans: Announced the anticipated release of the UFL schedule by mid-month, with games to be broadcast on major networks like Fox, ESPN, and ABC.
  • Future Plans: Discussions on league expansion, long-term strategies, and involvement of experts like Dean Blandino for officiating and game rules.

In a recent interview on ESPN Radio, UFL President and CEO Russ Brandon shared insightful details about the future of the United Football League, emphasizing the league’s commitment to fostering a thriving ecosystem for spring football.

St. Louis Battlehawks Key UFL Team

Brandon highlighted the remarkable success of the St. Louis Battlehawks, a key team in the UFL. He noted, “We sold out every week because we were averaging 30,000 to 35,000 fans there every week. It was very, very cool.” This statement underscores the strong fan support in St. Louis, setting a high standard for the league.

Discussing the UFL’s operational approach, Brandon mentioned, “What we’re going to do there…is we’re going to be in market for all the games.” This strategy aims to engage local communities and enhance the game-day experience for fans, distinguishing the UFL from its predecessors.

When Does the UFL Schedule Come Out

For fans wondering when does the UFL schedule come out. Brandon discussed the anticipated release of the UFL schedule. He stated, “I anticipate it by the middle of the month. We’re working diligently on that. We have obviously a great partner in Fox who’s one of the ownership groups here and games will be on Fox and ESPN and ABC. So we’ll have really good windows for television purposes.” This quote indicates that the league is actively working on finalizing the schedule and that it will be released soon, with the backing of major television networks to broadcast the games.

UFL Expansion

Regarding expansion, Brandon said, “We’re going to continue to look at it and all the decisions were difficult, no question, Randy, from that standpoint. But we’re looking at long term, we’re looking at expansion and opportunities, and I’m certain that that will be a part of the equation moving forward.” This statement highlights the UFL’s future plans for growth and its consideration of new markets for expansion.

Dean Blandino Is Back

Regarding Dean Blandino, Brandon’s comment was in relation to the game experience and officiating, “We’ll continue to work with again Dean Blandino, Mike Pereira, who are two legends when it comes to rules and officiating, will continue to be on our squad.” Here, Brandon emphasizes the involvement of experienced professionals like Blandino and Pereira to enhance the quality of officiating and game rules in the UFL.

Regarding potential changes in game experience, Brandon revealed, “We are anticipating some alterations.” He emphasized the league’s focus on refining the game in collaboration with respected figures like Daryl Johnston, Dean Blandino, and Mike Pereira.

Lastly, Brandon expressed confidence in the UFL’s long-term vision, “We’re doing this for the right reasons, for the football ecosystem, but also for the fan bases.” He acknowledged the challenges of geographical coverage but assured listeners of the league’s plans for expansion and long-term growth.

This interview with Russ Brandon is a must-watch for fans of spring football, as it provides a comprehensive understanding of the UFL’s direction, its emphasis on fan engagement and player development, and the exciting prospects it holds for the future of the sport.

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