Key Points

  • Michael Strahan’s lifestyle brand named UFL’s Official Off-Field Apparel Partner.
  • Unique merchandise line introduced for the 2024 season.
  • UFL Command Center staff to be outfitted by MSX by Michael Strahan™.

Strategic Collaboration

The United Football League (UFL) today announced its partnership with Michael Strahan’s lifestyle brand, marking a notable collaboration as the brand embarks on its first league-level apparel partnership. Michael Strahan’s MSX by Michael Strahan™ is set to become the UFL’s Official Off-Field Apparel Partner, celebrating the brand’s 10th anniversary.

Merchandise and Fan Engagement

This partnership unveils an MSX by Michael Strahan™ merchandise collection available at The UFL Shop, offering fans a range of styles for men and women that reflect the unique aesthetics of both MSX bestsellers and the UFL brand.

In addition to apparel, the UFL and Michael Strahan™ will engage fans with digital content and interactive experiences, leveraging the capabilities of SMAC Entertainment. On game days, additional exclusive offerings will be available in-venue via the ‘MSX Fashion Pick of the Game.’

UFL Command Center Integration

An interesting facet of this partnership is the integration with the UFL Command Center, where officials and personnel will sport MSX by Michael Strahan™ apparel, ensuring widespread brand visibility.

Michael Strahan shared his excitement about the partnership, saying, “This partnership with the UFL is a monumental step for our brand. We’re thrilled to blend the dynamic spirit of the UFL with our design ethos, creating an apparel line that both players and fans will love. It’s about more than fashion; it’s about forging connections and celebrating the game.”

With the UFL season debut on March 30th, this partnership represents a fusion of sports and style, aiming to enrich the league’s fan experience with premium apparel and captivating content.

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