Key Points

  • The United Football League (UFL) conducted Phase One of its Dispersal Draft for the 2024 season, with significant player selections across eight teams.
  • Teams from both the former XFL and USFL leagues made strategic picks, focusing on building robust rosters for the upcoming season.
  • A follow-up dispersal draft is scheduled for January 15, with training camps commencing on February 24.

The United Football League (UFL) recently conducted its highly anticipated Phase 1 & 2 of their Dispersal Draft, marking a pivotal moment in the preparation for the 2024 season. This event saw eight teams selecting players to strengthen their rosters, drawing from a pool of athletes from the former XFL and USFL leagues.

The draft showcased a mix of experienced veterans and promising newcomers, setting the stage for what promises to be an exciting and competitive 2024 UFL season. The phase 3 part of the Dispersal Draft is set to take place January 15th. The league will officially release the draft results on Monday. This list was compiled by multiple sources on Twitter.

Arlington Renegades
Key Players Drafted:

  • QB Lindsay Scott: In 2023, Scott was the recipient of the Walter Payton Award, indicating his status as the offensive player of the year in Division I college football. He posted significant statistics, including 4,686 passing yards and a record 60 touchdowns, along with 712 rushing yards and 11 rushing touchdowns. His performance was key in leading UIW to the national semifinals for the first time.
  • WR Deontay Burnett(Houston Roughnecks): In 2023, playing for the Houston Roughnecks, Burnett made an impact with 27 receptions for 378 yards and 6 touchdowns, showcasing his strong receiving skills.

Birmingham Stallions
Key Players Drafted:

  • LB Chris Orr (New Jersey Generals, USFL): In 2023, Orr recorded 81 tackles and 2 sacks, showcasing his defensive capabilities.
  • OL Calvin Ashley (New Jersey Generals, USFL): Ashley was named to the 2023 All-USFL Team offense, recognizing his standout performance as a right guard.

D.C. Defenders
Key Players Drafted:

  • DL Donovan Jeter (Houston Roughnecks, XFL): During the 2023 season, his stats included 5 tackles and no sacks, reflecting his role in the defensive line​​​​.
  • EDGE Trent Harris (Houston Roughnecks, XFL): Harris was part of the Houston Roughnecks in 2023. Although specific stats regarding his sacks and tackles were not available, his selection indicates a recognition of his abilities in pass-rushing and defense.

Houston Roughnecks
Key Players Drafted:

  • LB Reuben Foster (Pittsburgh Maulers, USFL): In the 2023 season, playing for the Pittsburgh Maulers, Foster recorded 53 tackles and 1 interception. This demonstrates his skills in tackling and defensive awareness​​.
  • DT Olive Sagapolu (Pittsburgh Maulers, USFL): Sagapolu, during his tenure with the Pittsburgh Maulers from 2022 to 2023, recorded a total of 5.0 quarterback sacks. In 2023 alone, he notched 3.0 sacks with an average of 7.3 yards per sack, highlighting his effectiveness in disrupting offensive lines​​.

Memphis Showboats
Key Players Drafted:

  • LB Vontae Diggs (New Orleans Breakers, USFL): During his time with the New Orleans Breakers in 2023, Diggs had a notable impact on the field. He intercepted 3 passes for a total of 43 yards, recorded 2.5 sacks with a total of 20.5 yards, and made 52 tackles, showcasing his versatility and leadership as a linebacker​​.
  • QB Case Cookus (Philadelphia Stars, USFL): In 2023, Cookus played for the Philadelphia Stars and demonstrated his proficiency as a quarterback. He completed 218 of 347 passes, amounting to 2,295 yards with 15 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. He also showcased his mobility by rushing for 277 yards in 52 attempts. His overall performance highlights his accuracy and arm strength​​.

Michigan Panthers
Key Players Drafted:

  • LB Jerod Fernandez (New Orleans Breakers, USFL): Fernandez played for the New Orleans Breakers in 2023, where he recorded 65 tackles and 1 interception, demonstrating his defensive abilities and quick reactions on the field​​.
  • QB Davis Cheek (Elon Phoenix, College Football): Davis Cheek’s stats from his time with Elon Phoenix include 2,924 passing yards, 17 passing touchdowns, 114 rushing yards, 3 rushing touchdowns, and a total of 20 touchdowns. These statistics highlight his consistency and tactical gameplay​​.

St. Louis Battlehawks
Key Players Drafted:

  • WR Jahcour Pearson (Seattle Sea Dragons, XFL): In the 2023 season, Pearson played for the Seattle Sea Dragons and made a significant impact as a receiver. He led the league with 60 receptions, accumulating a total of 670 yards and 4 touchdowns. This performance underscores his speed and route-running capabilities, making him a standout receiver in the league​​​​.
  • C Dohnovan West (Vegas Vipers, XFL): Dohnovan West played for the Vegas Vipers in the 2023 season.

San Antonio Brahmas
Key Players Drafted:

  • TE/WR Cody Latimer (Orlando Guardians, XFL): In 2023, Latimer played for the Orlando Guardians and showcased his versatility as a receiver. He made a significant impact with 50 receptions for 593 yards, averaging 11.9 yards per reception, and scored 4 touchdowns.
  • LB Tavante Beckett (Houston Roughnecks, XFL): Beckett’s 2023 season with the Houston Roughnecks was marked by notable defensive play. He recorded 2 interceptions for 60 yards and scored 1 touchdown. Additionally, Beckett registered 0.5 sacks and made 48.5 tackles, including 34 solo tackles and 29 assisted tackles, demonstrating his aggressiveness and ability to read plays effectively​​.

Complete List of Players by Team

Arlington Renegades

  • QB Lindsay Scott
  • RB Devin Darrington
  • RB Morgan Ellison
  • WR Deontay Burnett
  • TE Seth Green
  • DL LaRon Stokes
  • CB Ajene Harris
  • OL Jean Delance

Birmingham Stallions

  • LB Chris Orr
  • OL Calvin Ashley
  • DE Anree Saint-Amour
  • K Chris Blewitt
  • DE Hercules Mata’afa
  • S Eli Walker

D.C. Defenders

  • DL Donovan Jeter
  • EDGE Trent Harris
  • EDGE Tim Ward
  • CB Adam Sparks
  • S Deontay Anderson
  • DE Tariqious Tisdale
  • LB Jordan Evans
  • CB Elijah Blades

Houston Roughnecks

  • LB Reuben Foster
  • DT Olive Sagapolu
  • DT Keonte Schad
  • OL Marcus Tatum
  • C Jack Kramer
  • WR Isiah Hennie
  • DT Reggie Howard
  • DE Adam Rodriguez
  • DL Ethan Westbrooks
  • TE Braedon Bowman
  • TE Woody Brandom
  • LB Gabriel Sewell
  • OL Shamarious Gilmore
  • OL Isaiah Battle

Memphis Showboats

  • LB Vontae Diggs
  • DB D.J. Daniel
  • QB Case Cookus
  • OL Kirk Kelley
  • TE Sage Surratt
  • OT Sidney Wells
  • WR Jonathan Adams
  • WR Vinny Papale Jr
  • RB Darius Victor
  • WR Diondre Overton
  • DE Kolin Hill
  • RB Kennedy Brooks
  • DL Tyshun Render

Michigan Panthers

  • LB Jerod Fernandez
  • QB Davis Cheek
  • RB Wes Hills
  • S Bryce Torneden
  • S Shalom Luani
  • DB Alex Thomas
  • P Brock Miller
  • LS Jordan Ober

St. Louis Battlehawks

  • WR Jahcour Pearson
  • WR Blake Jackson
  • C Dohnovan West
  • DL Antwuan Jackson
  • CB Keylon Kennedy
  • CB Chris Payton-Jones

San Antonio Brahmas

  • RB Brycen Alleyne
  • TE Cody Latimer
  • C Alex Mollette
  • OL/DL Rashaad Coward
  • EDGE Austin Edwards
  • EDGE Wyatt Ray
  • LB Tavante Beckett
  • LB Nate Wieland

The season is set to kick off March 30th with the XFL Champions Arlington Renegades taking on the 2-Time USFL Champion Birmingham Stallions.

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