The United Football League (UFL) and United Football League Player Association (UFLPA) have come to an agreement regarding individual player bonuses for the 2024 season. This is following a recent grievance filed by the players’ union a couple weeks ago.

Instead of paying out Player of the Week bonuses, the UFL has agreed to increase the “All UFL Team” compensation pool.

The league’s executive committee will negotiate how weekly player bonuses are selected during offseason bargaining. Strange that it wasn’t figured out before the season started.

Postseason bonuses for 2024 All UFL, Player of the Year, and MVP honorees will remain in effect under the new agreement. The UFL is aiming to balance fairly rewarding top performing players while managing overall costs.

The new bonus structure will apply to the 2024 season, with further details to be ironed out through the UFL offseason.

Stay tuned to this situation during the off season as there is a sizable chunk of UFL players not interested in the UFLPA and would rather be part of the NFLPA. Chatter about that has not died down behind the scenes.

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