Key Points:

  • The UFL employs NFL’s 7-person mechanics with a staff of 70 officials.
  • Officials include seven women, marking a significant representation in a major spring league.
  • Many officials are scouted under the NFL’s Mackie Development Program, showcasing a blend of experience and new talent.

In a recent scoop by Football Zebras, the United Football League (UFL) – a merger of the USFL and XFL – has introduced its officiating crews for the upcoming season. This information sheds light on the league’s preparation by employing the NFL’s 7-person mechanics and adapting rules from both the USFL and XFL.

UFL Officiating Crews Overview

NFL Mechanics and Rules Adoption

The UFL follows the NFL’s 7-person mechanics closely, integrating rules from the USFL and XFL to ensure a seamless and professional gameplay experience. This approach underscores the league’s commitment to quality and consistency in officiating. The official UFL rules has not been released yet, but we expect it soon as training camp begins in Arlington Texas on February 24th.

Diverse and Experienced Officials

The league boasts a diverse group of 70 officials from the Football Bowl Subdivision conferences, including a record seven women. This diversity not only enhances the league’s inclusivity but also brings a wide range of perspectives to the officiating teams.

Scouting and Development

Many officials have been identified and nurtured through the NFL’s Mackie Development Program, although the UFL conducted its staffing process independently. This mix of seasoned and emerging talent promises a high standard of officiating for the league.

Notable Referees and Backgrounds

  • Derek Anderson (R): Big 12 conference, notable for officiating the Cotton Bowl and Big 12 Championship.
  • Cat Conti (U): Big 12 conference, experienced with the Las Vegas Bowl.
  • Amanda Sauer (U): Big Ten conference, brings a wealth of experience with six years in the Mackie Development Program.
  • Chris Coyte (R): Big Ten conference, known for his role in the Texas Bowl.
  • Jeff Heaser (R): Transitioned to the SEC, has officiated the Citrus Bowl.
  • Stewart Mullins (R): ACC conference, contributes with two years of experience in the ACC.
  • Adam Savoie (R): ACC conference, with a strong background including five years in both the Mackie Development Program and professional leagues.

Visit Football Zebras for a full breakdown of each of the 7 officiating crews.

Modifications and Training

The UFL’s adoption of NFL rules with modifications from the USFL and XFL ensures a unique blend of football that retains familiarity for fans while introducing new elements. USFL head of officiating Mike Pereira and XFL head of officiating Dean Blandino are both expected to be part of the United Football League in 2024.

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