3 Key Points

  • European League of Football announces the 2024 season schedule with 17 teams competing across three conferences.
  • Season kicks off May 25 with six founding members among participating teams aiming for Championship Game on September 22.
  • Highlights include “Battle of Austria,” Spanish duels, and defending champions Rhein Fire aiming to retain their title.

2024 Season: The Road to the Championship Unveiled

The countdown is on, and the gridiron is set! With just 130 days left until the opening whistle, the European League of Football (ELF) has disclosed an exciting lineup for the 17 formidable teams poised for action in the 2024 season. Fans, mark your calendars; the drive to the prestigious Championship Game on September 22 begins at the iconic VELTINS-Arena in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

The first clash promises to electrify the field, commencing May 25th and 26th. Pro-football enthusiasts, brace yourselves for a thrilling opening weekend showcasing the Fehérvár Enthroners taking on the Vienna Vikings, the Helvetic Guards clashing with the Barcelona Dragons and the Milano Seamen battling Raiders Tirol.

Kick-off Weekend and Beyond

Fans can witness these initial showdowns and further bouts such as the Panthers Wrocław versus Berlin Thunder, and last year’s runner-up Stuttgart Surge versus the Munich Ravens. Additionally, the Cologne Centurions will challenge reigning champs Rhein Fire at Tivoli, while the Prague Lions face off against the Hamburg Sea Devils.

The second matchday intensifies with the “Battle of Austria”, as the Vienna Vikings lock horns with the Raiders Tirol. The season’s fixtures include an eagerly anticipated Week 8 matchup, the Sea Devils versus Rhein Fire, set to unfold at Volksparkstadion.

A Flourishing League

“Just three years after its inception, the European League of Football has become the premier league in Europe,” says Zeljko Karajica, the league’s Managing Director. “The schedule release amplifies excitement for the start of the fourth ELF season.

The Commissioner Patrick Esume expresses his anticipation for the commencement. “One thing is already clear: it’s going to be a close and exciting season! It’s incredibly difficult for me to pick a favorite. All teams will have the quality to play great football and fight for the playoffs,” Esume affirms.

Teams Eyeing the Championship Prize

Seven founding members – Frankfurt Galaxy, Hamburg Sea Devils, Berlin Thunder, Cologne Centurions, Stuttgart Surge from Germany, Poland’s Panthers Wrocław and Spain’s Barcelona Dragons – are bracing for their fourth consecutive season. Joined by teams playing their third and second seasons, and the fresh Madrid Bravos from Spain, all share the singular ambition to claim glory on September 22 in Gelsenkirchen.

Stay tuned for further scheduling details and be ready to secure your place witnessing history unfold in European football’s elite competition.

European League of Football – Season Schedule Highlights

The stages are set for 2024 and matchdates spread over the summer promise sizzling encounters across Europe. Key matches to look out for include the weekend splendours of May 25th’s openers, a fierce battle on June 2nd featuring the Vienna Vikings versus Raiders Tirol, and the Madrid Bravos’ games throughout the season.

Week 8’s prominent clash between Hamburg Sea Devils and Rhein Fire promises to captivate European football fans. The regular season will come to a head with each team vying for a coveted spot in the playoffs, leading up to the grand finale – the Championship Game in Gelsenkirchen.

For complete access to all the action, check the full schedule and secure your tickets. Gear up for a season of European football that promises to keep fans on the edge of their seats!

European League of Football – Schedule 2024

Week 1 (25./26. May 2024)
Fehérvár Enthroners vs. Vienna Vikings (Sat.)
Helvetic Guards vs. Barcelona Dragons (Sat.)
Milano Seamen vs. Raiders Tirol (Sat.)
Panthers Wrocław vs. Berlin Thunder (Sun.)
Stuttgart Surge vs. Munich Ravens (Sun.)
Cologne Centurions vs. Rhein Fire (Sun.)
Prague Lions vs. Hamburg Sea Devils (Sun.)

Week 2 (1./2. June 2024)
Madrid Bravos vs. Barcelona Dragons (Sat.)
Panthers Wrocław vs. Stuttgart Surge (Sat.)
Vienna Vikings vs. Raiders Tirol (Sat.)
Milano Seamen vs. Munich Ravens (Sat.)
Berlin Thunder vs. Prague Lions (Sun.)
Hamburg Sea Devils vs. Paris Musketeers (Sun.)
Frankfurt Galaxy vs. Rhein Fire (Sun.)
Cologne Centurions vs. Fehérvár Enthroners (Sun.)

Week 3 (8./9. June 2024)
Barcelona Dragons vs. Raiders Tirol (Sat.)
Rhein Fire vs. Madrid Bravos (Sat.)
Paris Musketeers vs. Frankfurt Galaxy (Sat.)
Milano Seamen vs. Helvetic Guards (Sat.)
Berlin Thunder vs. Fehérvár Enthroners (Sun.)
Panthers Wrocław vs. Vienna Vikings (Sun.)
Munich Ravens vs. Prague Lions (Sun.)

Week 4 (15./16. June 2024)
Frankfurt Galaxy vs. Panthers Wrocław (Sat.)
Raiders Tirol vs. Munich Ravens (Sat.)
Vienna Vikings vs. Berlin Thunder (Sat.)
Barcelona Dragons vs. Helvetic Guards (Sat.)
Cologne Centurions vs. Madrid Bravos (Sat.)
Paris Musketeers vs. Rhein Fire (Sat.)
Hamburg Sea Devils vs. Prague Lions (Sun.)
Stuttgart Surge vs. Milano Seamen (Sun.)

Week 5 (22./23. June 2024)
Barcelona Dragons vs. Milano Seamen (Sat.)
Helvetic Guards vs. Raiders Tirol (Sat.)
Munich Ravens vs. Stuttgart Surge (Sat.)
Berlin Thunder vs. Rhein Fire (Sun.)
Prague Lions vs. Vienna Vikings (Sun.)
Fehérvár Enthroners vs. Panthers Wrocław (Sun.)

Week 6 (29./30. June 2024)
Madrid Bravos vs. Rhein Fire (Sat.)
Raiders Tirol vs. Barcelona Dragons (Sat.)
Vienna Vikings vs. Panthers Wrocław (Sat.)
Prague Lions vs. Berlin Thunder (Sat.)
Milano Seamen vs. Fehérvár Enthroners (Sat.)
Frankfurt Galaxy vs. Hamburg Sea Devils (Sun.)
Stuttgart Surge vs. Helvetic Guards (Sun.)
Paris Musketeers vs. Cologne Centurions (Sun.)

Week 7 (6./7. July 2024)
Madrid Bravos vs. Frankfurt Galaxy (Sat.)
Raiders Tirol vs. Vienna Vikings (Sat.)
Barcelona Dragons vs. Munich Ravens (Sat.)
Fehérvár Enthroners vs. Berlin Thunder (Sa.)
Helvetic Guards vs. Milano Seamen (Sat.)
Panthers Wrocław vs. Prague Lions (Sun.)
Rhein Fire vs. Cologne Centurions (Sun.)
Paris Musketeers vs. Hamburg Sea Devils (Sun.)

Week 8 (13./14. July 2024)
Frankfurt Galaxy vs. Cologne Centurions (Sat.)
Vienna Vikings vs. Helvetic Guards (Sat.)
Barcelona Dragons vs. Madrid Bravos (Sat.)
Prague Lions vs. Fehérvár Enthroners (Sat.)
Hamburg Sea Devils vs. Rhein Fire (Sun.)
Raiders Tirol vs. Stuttgart Surge (Sun.)
Paris Musketeers vs. Berlin Thunder (Sun.)

Week 9 (20./21. July 2024)
Madrid Bravos vs. Paris Musketeers (Sat.)
Fehérvár Enthroners vs. Milano Seamen (Sat.)
Berlin Thunder vs. Vienna Vikings (Sun.)
Stuttgart Surge vs. Panthers Wrocław (Sun.)
Rhein Fire vs. Frankfurt Galaxy (Sun.)
Cologne Centurions vs. Hamburg Sea Devils (Sun.)
Munich Ravens vs. Helvetic Guards (Sun.)

Week 10 (27./28. July 2024)
Madrid Bravos vs. Cologne Centurions (Sat.)
Panthers Wrocław vs. Fehérvár Enthroners (Sat.)
Raiders Tirol vs. Helvetic Guards (Sat.)
Vienna Vikings vs. Prague Lions (Sat.)
Barcelona Dragons vs. Stuttgart Surge (Sat.)
Hamburg Sea Devils vs. Frankfurt Galaxy (Sun.)
Rhein Fire vs. Paris Musketeers (Sun.)
Munich Ravens vs. Milano Seamen (Sun.)

Week 11 (3./4. August 2024)
Madrid Bravos vs. Hamburg Sea Devils (Sat.)
Helvetic Guards vs. Vienna Vikings (Sat.)
Milano Seamen vs. Stuttgart Surge (Sat.)
Berlin Thunder vs. Paris Musketeers (Sun.)
Cologne Centurions vs. Frankfurt Galaxy (Sun.)
Prague Lions vs. Munich Ravens (Sun.)

Week 12 (10./11. August 2024)
Frankfurt Galaxy vs. Madrid Bravos (Sat.)
Fehérvár Enthroners vs. Prague Lions (Sat.)
Berlin Thunder vs. Panthers Wrocław (Sun.)
Stuttgart Surge vs. Raiders Tirol (Sun.)
Rhein Fire vs. Hamburg Sea Devils (Sun.)
Cologne Centurions vs. Paris Musketeers (Sun.)
Munich Ravens vs. Barcelona Dragons (Sun.)

Week 13 (17./18. August 2024)
Panthers Wrocław vs. Frankfurt Galaxy (Sat.)
Raiders Tirol vs. Milano Seamen (Sat.)
Vienna Vikings vs. Fehérvár Enthroners (Sat.)
Paris Musketeers vs. Madrid Bravos (Sat.)
Helvetic Guards vs. Munich Ravens (Sat.)
Hamburg Sea Devils vs. Cologne Centurions (Sun.)
Stuttgart Surge vs. Barcelona Dragons (Sun.)
Rhein Fire vs. Berlin Thunder (Sun.)

Week 14 (24./25. August 2024)
Hamburg Sea Devils vs. Madrid Bravos (Sat.)
Fehérvár Enthroners vs. Cologne Centurions (Sat.)
Helvetic Guards vs. Stuttgart Surge (Sat.)
Milano Seamen vs. Barcelona Dragons (Sat.)
Frankfurt Galaxy vs. Paris Musketeers (Sun.)
Prague Lions vs. Panthers Wrocław (Sun)
Munich Ravens vs. Raiders Tirol (Sun.)

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